Thursday, 6 January 2011

New Year New Me

Right thats it, New Year, New me.
Time to stop being negative and start being positive. The whole Rachel thing has made me think. It might not last but my New Years resolution is to stop thinking negative and turn to the positive. Have a laugh and say yes to everything on offer. This weekend im going out and i'm determined to have the weekend of my life.

Back to the Gym on Monday because ive been eating so much crap over the last two weeks i must have put some weight on somewhere.

As unbelievable as it may seem i had my first wank of the new year last night.
Imagine that 5 days without a tug !. I was so tired and it seemed disrespectful to have one on the day of Rachels funeral. LOL. Rachel would have found that funny. I should have done and said 'this ones for you Rachel', she would have approved. But i just couldn't. It's like the time my Gran died when i was 15. I knocked one out the same night that we were told about the news and i felt guilty about it for ages. But still managed to do it again on the day of the funeral.


Anonymous said...

Oh well, sometimes all that pent-up emotion just has to have some outlet and it's better than going out and just getting drunk.

Happy New Year!

Mambam said...

I agree and will do my best Micky

naturgesetz said...

Not sure that pent up emotion needs a physical release.

But however (as my grandmother used to say), a positive outlook is a good thing.

I worked in a bureaucracy, and management could be pretty frustration at times, as they made or tried to enforce lots of rules, some of which helped us do our jobs (in service to the citizens) and others of which got in the way. One of my colleagues once remarked to me that she admired the way I always walked with my head held high, meaning, in her mind, that I was not letting management beat me down. I was startled, because I had not been conscious of any such thing. But it is true, I realized, that I cared more about my job than I did about management. My satisfaction came from knowing that I was doing my best for the people we served. So I had a basically positive attitude toward my work, and I think it made it more tolerable than it might have been if making the bosses hapy had been my primary objective.

So three cheers for a positive attitude.

Raver4Life said...

Yay for the New Year New Me Brigade! Im totally on that buzz at the moment too!!!!

But as Im still on holiday and haven't really had anything to do I'v probably been overdoing the wanking...

Funnily enough I had the same thing as you about feeling bad about knocking one out on the day of a friends funeral. This was about 6 years ago now (haha Jesus that means I was only 15) anyway I had this really hippy friend who was a friends mum. She was an ex councilor and when she found out about my friends death she took me for a drive to the beach to have a supportive talk with me because I wasnt handling it to well and I will always remeber- and I dont know how this came about thinking back on it but she said that a lot of people will have sex when something like that happens as an affirmation of life- I would assume having a wank would be some sort of similar thing?

Hope youre doing well xo