Saturday, 22 January 2011

weak end

I won't be telling you all about last nights exploits. You'd only disapprove. And i think my ever embarrassing Tweets tell the story, Imagine what it was like to be there !! LOL.
I was doing it on purpose because Daniel took the piss out of me for being a hypocrite. I've slagged off twitter in the past and he found the App on my phone. My drunkenness took control again. Queue tut tut comments. Ha! 
Needless to say, i'm a live and well and had a very good time.

I met a guy who can speak three languages. German, french and Italian. It's not his job, but he does teach people as a sideline for extra cash (he actually works at Asda at the moment, LOL). I've always wanted to be able to speak another language properly. But when he told me how much he charges i decided to give it a miss and stick to pointing at things and shouting louder when i meet foreigners.
Mind you, when he spoke English he was quite Camp. It made me wonder. If an American taught you how to speak English you'd have an American Accent. If you were taught by an Englishman you'd have an English accent. What if you were taught by a really camp gay man ?. Would you have a camp accent too? Imagine being the secretary of state for Italy and greeting the English prime minister sounding like Alan Carr "hello Girlfriend, you go girl !!"

I don't know if i mentioned that Daniel has split from the guy in Huddersfield. Not a surprise really but the big surprise is that in an unusual move for him, he stayed friends with him. So when he appeared later in the evening we had a drink with him and a laugh before he buggered off with a stranger that Daniel suggested he would be fucking later on.

Why can't i split without falling out with people?. It gets to the point where everywhere you go there is an Ex.
And then you start moving to another pub because either he is watching you or you are watching him.
Mind you i've also had that really horrible moment where you think 'he's nice, but he looks familiar to me' Then the realisation that you went out with him for about three weeks two years ago sets in.


Writer said...

I used to be able to be friends with ex's, but then for some reason they started leaving town. LOL

Khmerboy said...

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naturgesetz said...

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and don't do anything I wouldn't do.

Jason Shaw said...

haha congrats on a good night out and a good giggle. No tut tuts from me, do it while ya can I say!

I've stayed friendly with all but 3 of my ex's, which aint bad going.

Dean Grey said...


"...i decided to give it a miss and stick to pointing at things and shouting louder when i meet foreigners."

This made me chuckle.

But wait, we Americans have American accents? Huh?


Raver4Life said...

wow thats big of him to be friends and not seem to upset when he buggered off with a stranger. If I split with someone I cant be friends with them for a long time! Its too painful