Thursday, 3 February 2011

Gone with the wind

As you may imagine i'm spending more time at my parents at the moment.
Although i'm not sure why because nothing is actually happening yet. My dad seems ok in himself. He says he feels a bit off and nauseous at times and has to be careful when he eats, he also feels more tired as well, but apart from that externally he looks and acts the same.

He's even questioning me visiting him so often. "i'm not dead yet you know".

As i drove back home tonight the wind took one of my windscreen wipers off and it disappeared over a wall. Thank god it was the passenger side. But it still caused problems. With no wiper on one side how do you keep the other one running. They both work in unison. So as one arm is cleaning the window of rain. the other is scratching the glass.
I wrapped a piece of cloth around it and hoped for the best. Thankfully there were no police cars around. when  i got home i put an old one on, i'll fix it in the morning.
But it just goes to show, It might be blowing a gale outside but the bloody thing must have been lose in the first place. What else have i got loose ? ( anyone who says a screw gets my foot up their arse)

One of the women at work is off with the shits. This means i'm taking over her role for a bit and am tied to a desk until she gets better.
I'm sat staring at a screen all day with nothing more than the drone of computer fans to keep me company. God it's boring. She has an office of her own and it's out of the way from all mankind. She loves it, but i hate it.
I nearly fell asleep this afternoon. Total silence. It's like working in a library, no one to talk too and no interaction. The phone rang at about 2 o'clock and i nearly jumped out of my skin it was that quiet.

I think i might bring my I-Phone earphones in tomorrow. I need more going on around me than all this. It's not as if she has much to do. I know that i am a bit anal when it comes to being tidy but she takes things to the extreme. Even her pens and pencils are lined up on her desk top together in colour order.
She has the neatest flowery writing i have ever seen. there are little notes everywhere and everything has a sticker on it telling you what is inside.
In one draw i found a her own personal stash of toilet rolls. Super deluxe and soft for your arse.
I think she might have been best taking it home with her from what i hear.
Tomorrow i'll try find her porn collection. I wonder if women have porn collections ?. Men do but you never hear about women do you?.
They might have a dildo in a shoe box somewhere but no DVDs or anything to watch whilst using it though i bet.


Cute Dead Boys said...

Be careful looking through things, you might come across something you wish you had not found or seen.

jason shaw said...

Strange how things come loose with overuse - it's a wonder we dont see more guys in hospital with cocks off, needing to be reattached!

Have a good weekend, I for one really hope you dont find a dildo in a box or her secret porn stash - not in the office dear.

drew said...

Hope you are going OK..

naturgesetz said...

Somehow missed this till now.

Glad that your dad knows he's not dead. Tell him to keep it that way.

LOL at searching the woman's desk. I hope you wore gloves or used a handkerchief so she won't be able to find your fingerprints anywhere you weren't supposed to go. :D