Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Nothing there

Bit busy at the moment. But to just to update on dad.
The good news is that there was nothing going on in his bowel so no sign of a spread.
That means the next step will be some chemotherapy followed by a major operation followed by more chemotherapy.

I'm over at parents again tonight. Getting a bit tired to be honest.


naturgesetz said...

That's great news!

About your dad, I mean. The part about being tired isn't so great, but tolerable, I suppose.

Thanks for the update.

Paul said...

I'm no expert, Michael, but your Dad's news sounds quite promising. Don't let yourself get too tired, specially if you're driving over the pennines.

drew said...

Good news. The whole experience is very stressful for you and them.. Been there and done that.. Try your best to keep your spirits up. Were thinking about you!

MadeInScotland said...

Thinking of you - my mother was diagnosed with bowel cancer in May last year, and had to have an operation 6 months ago to deal with it. All seems well, though they were certain chemo would have dealt with the residual cancer in her nodes; but her other problems meant it wasn't such a good thing to have the chemo, so she didn't.

BUT - what has helped her immensely is a positive attitude. So, do everything you can to encourage that...