Monday, 21 February 2011

Old Pictures

I've borrowed a book from a guy at work that has lots of old Pictures of Halifax in it. I'm fascinated by stuff like this. My dad used have lots of old Manchester and Oldham snaps at one time  . I remember looking at them when i was a kid. I don't normally like to look at old snaps from years gone by of people i don't know, but when it's somewhere you live it's different. You recognise buildings and how things have changed over the years.
I always imagined myself climbing inside the photograph and going back in time. I once wrote a story i was really proud of at school about doing something similar.
I don't remember the teacher showing much interest in it mind you so it must have been shit. But it went along the lines of me stepping into an old photo and finding myself in the 70s. I knew the surroundings (Oldham) and i knew where i lived, But my parents were younger then and didn't know who i was. Of course none of  my friends were born yet, so i had to try to survive on my own as a 13 year old with nowhere to live, in the 70s!. LOL.

Anyway her is a photo i took recently and one from the book taken a very long time ago. Oh how times have changed. (Spot the difference)
And also my favourite picture from the book. The biggest Car you have ever seen. Or is it an early bus ? I don't know but it just looks funny.
Note the Policeman on foot. You don't see many of them nowadays
Doesn't look quite as nice as it did does it ?
Taxi !!


Vilges Suola said...

Sounds like your teacher didn't appreciate a good student when he had one.

I was a teenager in the 70s and hated it. I remember thinking the fashions were hideous even though I conformed like all teens do, by wearing platform shoes you could jump off and commit suicide, and voluminous bell-bottom cords with cat-collar bells sewn on them,and a tie that looked like a goitre. Predictably the 80s reversed all that and we wore tapered jeans and ties with small knots. And cardies. And chinos.

Now I think fashions are as hideous as the 70s in their own way - why do boys wear those horrible half-mast jeans on pipe-cleaner legs, flattening their arses, and half revealing saggy underpants like some old woman's bloomers? Why do gangly, spotty twerps think a cloche of boot-polish black hair flatters their sickly complexions?


Kemptoo said...

I agree with these pants of today. I think they look like they have stolen their big brothers pants for the day. I watched one guy the other day, every five minutes he had to pull them up. Get a belt for christ sake & look like a sack tied up in the middle rather than holding up your pants everywhere you go.

Mind Of Mine said...

I remember writing a similiar story about going back in time via a photo and then trying to have to go back.

I love checking old photos and making comparison with today. It really makes you realize how quickly things can change...

naturgesetz said...

It's fascinating comparing the pictures. There's a spire to the right of the brick building in the center of the old one. It's gone in the new one, but now there's one to the left of it. The building on the left side of the new one is pretty unnatractive. The hillside in the background looks better in color.

I wonder if the new one was taken a few steps farther down the street tan the old one: we can see the building to the right of the Yorkshire Bank in the new one but not in the old.

On balance, I'd agree the older Halifax looks a bit better than the newer, but the new isn't much worse.

Very wise not to pick up hitchhikers.

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Ben said...

That's not an enormous car - it's a charabang. Shame we don't have them any more.

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