Sunday, 20 February 2011

No Party

One of my aunties called to see my dad the other day. She's died her hair Red and it looks ridiculous. When she walked in my dad looked and me and i looked at him, we both smirked but didn't say anything about it. But after about an hour i had to leave the room because we had a sort of thing going on between us where we kept mentioning the colour red in our conversation and it was a odds on for who would burst our laughing first.
When she eventually went home  my mum asked what we were laughing at and when we told her she said "stop being so facetious"
Except that's what she was trying to say, but it came out " stop being so feses"

It snowed on Fridsay night/Saturday morning, which was a bit of a surprise because i thought that winter was over and things were warming up a bit. I went to bed at night when there was nothing to be seen and woke up at about 8am for a wee. When i looked outta the window it was white everywhere. Don't ask me why, but i had he phone by my bed and went on facebook to write "SNOW !, WTF ? where did that come from?".
Then i went back to sleep.
When i got up and looked on facebook again afterwards there were at least 3 messages from people saying. 'You must have got up for a wee, i don't believe you are out of bed and dressed at this time in the morning'.
And they were right.

I had been invited to a birthday party on Saturday night. A friend of a friend of a friend who was 20 on Friday decided to arrange for everyone to be at the same pub at the same time. So not really a proper party i suppose.
But it was a good job she didn't because when i rang to say i couldn't make it she told me it had been cancelled due to so many people saying they couldn't come either or who never bothered to confirm they were coming in the first place. They were going into town instead.

I have never had a party for any birthday of mine. 18 or 21st. I would hate it really. I don't mind going to other peoples but never my own. When i was 18 was a bit of an outcast anyway so i don't imagine there would have been anyone there.
But imagine the humiliation of inviting all you friends and relatives and no one turning up? It's the sort of thing that would scar you for life and you'd wake up in the middle of the night with a cold sweat having nightmares about forever. 

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Paul said...

Look on the positive side Michael, and be grateful your Dad still has a good sense of humour! If you will move to the wrong side of the pennines you can't expect good weatherQ