Friday, 18 February 2011

Naked people cheer me up

Been to see Dad again tonight. Bloody hell this is costing a fortune in petrol. I've filled the car up twice already this week.

Not that it matters. It's worth every penny, but it's at times like this you realise how much it costs. He's in high spirits but that's probably because he had taken something that made him seem like he was on Speed for a while. Hospitals are horrible places, i hate 'em. They stink, they are inhuman and although everyone tries to pretend they are happy you can tell that deep down inside they are really thinking get me out of this place.

My mum came to mine for a cuppa and something to eat before i took her home. she had a bit of a cry. I can tell it's really getting to her, which in turn got to me.

He was told that if he didn't have any treatment the cancer will really start to show in 6 weeks. After that he would have 6 months. So as you can imagine there is no time to think about quality of life or if he wants to go through any treatment at all. He's just doing as he's told and getting on with it.

As i drove back in the dark i cried to myself in the car. I nearly ran off the fucking road i could hardly see out the bloody window.
Anyway enough of the update now. No more Cancer talk unless i have to.  I need cheering up. so here's a picture of a naked man. Even at times like this sex can work it's wonders at the right moment. 


Anonymous said...

I know you don't want to keep on this but I just had a bit of a cry too when I read your blog. It's only fair as I've so enjoyed it for some time, especially during your trip to the States. Now all I can do is share a little of your concern over your parents. My heart goes out to you and them and I pray for your strength in the days ahead. Please do keep us all up on what is going on so that we can at least stand with you in a most difficult time.

Denny in Houston, TX, USA

drew said...

Michael, your readers wish we could take this problem and solve it for you but we can't. Were here to let you know we care. Having lost both of my parents I know where you are coming from. Hang in there!!

Call your weird friend Daniel and make plans to have some fun to take you mind off things!!!

MadeInScotland said...

Remember to instill the positive mental attitude. My father and I were summoned to the hospital at 6am one Sunday morning. The message was that my mother was not doing well.

Over 6 months later you would not know what had happened. She may still have cancer, but she is totally well in herself.


naturgesetz said...

It's really good that you are able to give your mum and dad so much emotional support. You're a good son and a good man. They're lucky to have you.

I hope and pray that the treatments will be completely successful.

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Tim said...

i only found this blog the other day and i think its great, the way you write has me in fits of gigggles,the one about taking a piss with a hard on and banging your head comes to this end i spent most of friday at work reading old blogs (very adictive)that was untill my boss found out and gave me a bollicking. THANKS FOR THAT.must be more carefull me thinks.keep it up though ime hooked