Friday, 18 February 2011

How to publish your own ibook from your blog

Well after yesterdays post asking how i could turn my blog into a format worth saving for the future. I got an email from a very kind person who gave me a quick and easy way to turn it into a e-book that can be viewed on a I-Pad or Kindle. He even explained how i could make it available on the web. LOL.

For any other blogger interested it's as simple as 123

1. Copy  your blog (or write your book) to a document on your computer in word or open office etc.
2. Convert it to PDF Format (Office has a button for this and will do it automatically)
3. Convert that to a Epub format here (i'm sure there are lots of other sites that will do it also)

PDF files will actually view on a iPad or iPhone anyway, but Epub works better as you get the full page turn/sizing/cover and indexing options if you do it properly.

Then you just load it into itunes like you would any mp3  or book you bought.
And as for making it available to download by other people ?. Just use one of the many file sharing sites there are online and add a link.

Oh and by the way, you can include pictures as well if you like.

I won't be publishing my blog personally because i can't imagine anyone else but me wanting to read it on the way to work in the morning. But it's worth knowing. I think there is probably more to the process than those three steps, from my little experiment there are a few tweeks you need to make. But i had a go and this was the result. It took me about 5 minutes.

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drew said...

Thats so over my head I have already drowned!! Hope it works for you..