Thursday, 17 February 2011

How to keep a Diary

This blog has been going since 2009 in this format. I actually started long before that with no readers or followers. Then i stopped for a bit, deleted the whole thing and started all over again.
I wished i'd saved it really because it is my diary after all. Most of what i write might be shite to you (and if i'm honest it is to me as well) but when i look back on it, it's a bit of my history. A bit like a biography with all the boring bits kept in, spelling mistakes and all. That's it with history isn't it. things that seem normal and boring at the time suddenly spring to life in the future. I was looking at some old pictures at my mum and dads the other week and the things that jumped out of the photos where the normal everyday items that i had completely forgotten about.
That horrible carpet we had, the cups we were drinking out of, that ornament that broke and got thrown away, the video recorder!! we had and even the slippers on my mothers feet.

I've been thinking about finding some way of downloading a copy of this blog and keeping it in a format that i might save for my future. I know Blogger lets you back up your blog but it turns out unreadable and goes from current date backwards.
Diarys should start at the beginning and work your way forward. It's like reading a book from back to front otherwise.
Someone suggested i copy and paste to word document and turn it into a pdf file because that's a more universal format.
Anyone else thought of doing something like this ?. how did you get on ?.

Who knows i may want to read this on my kindle or I-Pad  one day. LOL.

Going on to hospital again tonight to see dad so short post today. No adverse effects yet from his treatment thank god.


david said...

i write all my post on textedit (often several drafts)... save them to my journal folder n then copy them to my blog... easier to edit n add pictures or whatever..

its funny sometimes what jumps out of old photographs....

~ cheers...

MadeInScotland said...

Someone I read gets their blog published in book form. But I don't know if he has to send the text or if those people just sort it from the blog itself. It's the Vamoire guy whose link is on my blog - he has posted about it before.

Otherwise you can I think email yourself your posts when they publish. But I'm not sure how.