Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Stan the man

After the debacle with Daniels bollocks yesterday it was weird to hear that he fell down some stairs today and has done his leg in. Apparently he's been to hospital and may have torn a ligament.
What the fuck is happening to everyone all of a sudden? No dancing for him for a few Weekends by the sound of it anyway.

I don't know how he did it yet but his mum said he was "acting the goat as usual". For those of you who don't know what that means. It’s a sort of expression that suggests he was being an idiot.

I remember he once tried to jump over a concrete bollard in the street. He caught his leg and landed on top of it like a porn star sitting on a massive tool.
He was in agony for ages and we still laugh about it to this today. Well I do anyway.
That is the sort of thing that Daniel will do. Walking into glass doors, spray peanuts everywhere whilst trying to open a bag or tread in dog shit whilst innocently walking down the street. If it’s gonna happen to anyone, it will happen to him. I think he's a reincarnation of Stan Laural.

I have found out who sent the Valentines card. He’s 15 and he's far to young for me. Who gave him my address that's what i wanna know ?.

Dad is in hospital having his first dose of Chemo. He has to stay in from a few days. will let you know how it goes. 


naturgesetz said...

"He was in agony for ages and we still laugh about it to this today. Well I do anyway."
That's what friends are for.

Hope it goes well for your dad.

drew said...

Hope Daniel gets well soon. When you get a little older a fall like that really matters!! Hope your Dad's treatments go well. Keep us posted. You do pick weird friends! ;-) Probably includes us as well!!

david said...

danny sounds like a hoot- and the best kind of best friend... thinking good thoughts for your dad...

~ cheers...

Kemptoo said...

Life sounds certainly entertaining having Daniel around. A laugh is always good giving the present situation with your Dad to take your mind off things.

Your Valentina is young, are you rocking the cradle now? Well if you get them young you can always house train them to your ways. I think to get them already house broken is a lot easier.