Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Sleep cycle

Must go to bed earlier, I got up late this morning.


Anonymous said...

Good idea!

Except possibly when you don't have to work the following day.

Jason Shaw said...

Yay, nice lot of sleep! Need a lil more.

I was using a recorder app the other night, by god, I never knew I snored that loudly! Scared the shit outta me!

Have a good one!

naturgesetz said...

That's an amazing recorder! Do you attach electrodes to your skull so it can measure brain waves (or elsewhere to measure something else —

such as heartbeat and breathing rates)?

Paul said...

Should we assume that you were awake wanking between 4am and 5 am?

Mambam said...

Friday night then

I tried that app as well. What a waste of money. I didn't make a sound. One recording and it just sounded like me turning over. I assume from this that when i'm asleep i'm like a dead body.

You stick your phone in the bed and it registers your movement. It's not very scientific. but it's interesting to see