Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Snot funny

You may notice that i haven't said much about my dad for a few days. Well that is intentional. For starters i'm sick of talking about it and secondly it's too depressing to blog about.

But as this is supposed to be a diary and i've already mentioned it i will update now and then to keep you in the know. short and sweet and to the point.
Meeting with the specialist this week. Chemo next week, operation after a couple of chemo sessions, followed by more chemo.
Or at least that is the plan. Now, after much pressing from my dad to tell him what his chances are the surgeon has said that after the operation 50% of people last another 5 years.
So dad is taking it that he has 5 years tops. and if that is all he's got, is it worth going through with an operation in the first place ?. I'm pulling my hair out, he's giving up before the battle has even started.

Anyway on to happier news (cos i need a laugh). 

Daniel went to visit his grandma the other day and whilst he was there she told him that she had got him a present. It was a set of handkerchiefs with his initial on the corner LOL.
When he got home he showed his mum and dad what she had bought him and was told that these hankies were actually about 20 years old and belonged to his grandad who was called Derek. He always used real handkerchiefs not paper ones and his gran used to buy them cheap off the market.
Then they said that he should expect to get some cuff links with a D on them for his birthday because she had been talking about it a couple of weeks ago.
It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact that she was giving him his grandads old tat rather than expensive family heirlooms.

Whilst we are on the subject who the hell walks around with a cloth hanky nowadays ?. Do you really want a pocket full of snot?.

There was a news story on the telly the other night about about a block of flats in a rough area of this little town that i live. This block of flats had been condemned as a fire risk and all the residents were made to leave almost immediately and move elsewhere.
During the story they interviewed a couple who were very upset and talked out the flat they used to lived in and how they had spent lots of money on it. New bathroom, kitchen, carpets, curtains, WINDOWS!.. the lot.
To make things worse they had been moved to another block of flats that overlooked their old home and as they were discussing all this the camera zoomed across to reveal a grotty looking old 60s style concrete shite block building that was boarded up and covered in barbed wired.
Then they homed into this couples old flat that actually had a set of Georgian windows fitted to it. LOL. It looked so out of place i nearly pissed myself. Imagine an old Laurel & Hardy type Car with Go faster stripes down the side and you get the idea.
Brilliant. Give those people a medal.


Jason Shaw said...

Oh my dear,

I have a hanky, though it's not used for snot!!!

Loads of love and hugs

Mambam said...

throw it away and get a tissue.