Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Poppers and gay teen sex

I watched a bit of 'the Joy of teen sex' on telly tonight. Two gay lads wanted to know a bit more about poppers.
The silly buggers started by explaining that they liked sniffing the stuff, but the hit only lasts a few seconds. So once tried sticking it in a dish with a candle underneath !. Very funny. but a great way to burn the house down.

Anyway as usual with these sex shows a heterosexual woman who has absolutely no bloody idea about gay sex gave them some advice. "well i've got a great alternative to poppers" she said. This made me sit up a bit. An alternative to Poppers eh ? what's that then ? some carpet cleaning fluid that is safe and gives you a longer hit?. Well not exactly.

Obviously gay men only sniff poppers so that they can relax their assholes and take a stiff one don't they?(yeh right), so the alternative was a special anal relaxing spray. "it's organic and has a lovely scent" she said.

"i think it smells a bit like Curry Powder" Said the gay.

Yes, exactly fella, what a fucking stupid suggestion as an alternative to poppers. And when having anal sex, Curry is the last smell you wanna whiff from someones backside.

Next week an alternative to having a wank. A cold shower and go to bed early.


drew said...

You have been on a roll recently. Your posts should be titled Unleashed.. Let her rip!!

Vilges Suola said...
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Vilges Suola said...

I don't get the point of poppers. They just smell like embalming fluid and make me feel dizzy for a few seconds and that's it. What are they supposed to be for? Excuse my innocence.

Vilges Suola said...

Re 'Teen Sex' programme, the barmy Anglican Mainstream website says: 'The programmes contain foul language and depict full frontal nudity, sexual intercourse, anal and oral sex and deviant sexual practices.' On the strength of this recommendation the viewing figures probably doubled.

Cute Dead Boys said...

Sorry Vilges......Poppers do not even come close to embalming fluid. Maybe you have not had the right embalming fluid.

MadeInScotland said...

If you're taking poppers on the dance floor (some do) forget it.

Take them before you are about to fuck (or be fucked) and then feel the hunger burn....


Jason said...

Curry, frigging fooking curry! Want planet was that bint on! Oh well, takes all sorts I guess.

Next try sniffing scented oils for those oil burners, they can be bloody potent. I like China Rain or Creme Brule personally.