Monday, 14 February 2011


I went with my dad to the hospital on Friday. Here's a tip for you, If you don't want to know how things are don't ask a doctor. He might just tell you the truth.

Yesterday afternoon i sat in and watching crap telly for a bit. It pissed it down most of the day so i didnt' feel like doing anything else. An old lady who lives a few doors down kept walking past with shopping. She's got Alzheimer's bless her. She must have been for a loaf of bread about 8 times. I know i counted.
There is a small corner shop at the end of the road. When i got bored later i walked on to get some milk and a loaf for myself. There was none fucking left! I felt like knocking on her door and asking her if i could borrow some.

I got a valentine card delivered on Saturday. I've no idea who it's from, which sort of defeats the object really. I know i should be flattered but all i can think is who sent it?. It's like having a stalker.
For all i know it could be from a woman. Actually i hope it is a woman because i'm not really into blokes sending blokes valentines cards. It's a bit like holding hands and kissing in the street. I've dumped boyfriends for wanting to do things like that so sending a card with kisses on it doesn't really hit the spot, it's a bit too sissy for me.

Saw a fella at the supermarket with his son. Even though they were strangers i know he was his son because they looked the spitting image of each other, only smaller and taller.
The guy was about 30 and the 'mini me' looked about 8, but they were like twins. The only difference being that i would have shagged the older one.


Mind Of Mine said...

I would have shagged the older one! Hilair!!

naturgesetz said...

"If you don't want to know how things are don't ask a doctor. He might just tell you the truth." That's a specific example of the more general rule, "Never ask a question, if you don't want the answer." I was on a retreat a number of years ago. There was some big sports event that evening, and one of the participants asked the director if we could watch it on the TV in the lounge. The director said no. If the guy hadn't asked, people could have gone and watched.

But I am sorry that you seem to have learned something you'd rather not know and that you wish weren't true.

It sounds as if the lady with Alzheimer's is going to need some assistance very soon. I hope someone — family, doctor, or the like — is keeping tabs on the progress of her illness.

No kisses from me, but Happy St. Valentine's Day, what's left of it.

drew said...

I think he is just leading us on. I'll make it a point to stop by and give him a great big smooch on his front porch! I know he'll love it!! ;-)