Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Skip that

Daniel has come up with a so called brilliant money making scheme to get some extra cash together for his holiday.
Unfortunately the scheme involves me as well. He's clearing someone’s garage out for them this weekend and so am I apparently. They have ordered a skip and we (I repeat...WE!!) are gonna fill it for him.

How the hell I got roped into this job I’ve no idea. I'm not the one who's skint. But it seems I volunteered to help a mate out. The worst aspect to it all Is that we have to be there for 7.30am (Saturday morning ?, eh?) and it will be a full day of hard graft humping shite up and down.

So that's Friday night on the town outta the window. Never mind, it'll be worth it in the long run.

I have been reading some of the comments about booking a taxi to go to the airport (thanks fro that by the way) and went online to find that there is a scheme where you can pay £79.99. You meet someone at the airport, hand them your keys and they park it for you. When you arrive back they meet you at the door with the car and hand it back. You can even pay a bit extra and have it valeted as well.

My dad thinks I’m mad to even consider it, but I like the sound of a bit of luxury. All I need to do is find out how much a taxi to and from the airport is. If it's anywhere near this figure I’m booking it.

Someone sent dad this u tube post and it cheered him up no end. You've probably seen it before but if you haven't take a look. It's the Ultimate dog tease.


naturgesetz said...

You're right. I had seen the video a few days ago, but it was well worth seeing again. LOL a second time. I love it!

I like your way of thinking about airport transportation. When you don't have to take the cheapest thing available, why not go for the best you can afford? This is an especially good approach when it isn't something you do all the time. Let the holiday begin as soon as you reach the airport.

Mind Of Mine said...

How far from the airport are you?

Its like 20.00 quid from the airport to the City Centre.

drew said...

That Daniel is quite the schemer. He gets the money and you provide part of the labor. Why don't you just have him do work for you?? He can cut the yard, work in the garden.. That way you don't have to put out the labor and you will be in charge. ;-)

Paul said...

Some of these valet parking schemes are a bit iffy. Make sure you google them first for reviews.