Monday, 9 May 2011

Town & Out

Although i was on top form this weekend it was pretty uneventful really. Daniel came over and we spent Saturday night in Town.
There is a pub or club on every corner and your spoilt for choice really. The minute you step out of one watering hole you're no more than three strides away from another. But it's not really sophisticated, it's just a piss up.

When i'm away from Manchester i've got my heterosexual head on. Which means i'm not on the pull. I don't feel safe in places i don't really know. And this town seems very Homophobic to me. You know when you just don't feel right. Sometimes it looks like guys are gay friendly but two words into a conversation and they reveal their true colours and i'm breathing a sigh of relief that i haven't tried it on with them.
People throw out insults without even realise they are doing it. It's not uncommon for someone to describe anything that is shit as 'being gay' nowadays but around here they don't throw insults they throw punches.

I'm making it sound like a town full of thugs aren't i?. Not true. But i just don't get the same vibe as i do in the big city. Daniel is the same. He can never understand why i want to drink local when i could be over the tops to Mancs. But i suspect that is more to do with him not wanting to travel to me, preferring it if i came over to him.

Since i went on that first aid course everyone is taking the piss. I've had requests for everything from looking at a guys hemorrhoids through to diagnosing yellow puss coming out of a Lady's fanny.
Very funny lads, now leave me alone.

I was walking to the shop at lunch time and noticed a pair of underpants in the middle of the road. This made me wonder where these odd garments you see lying around come from. It's not unusual to see a stray sock in the gutter but undies?.
How can you lose a pair of pants?. (answers on a postcard to...)

Getting Excited about my holiday now. But can't decide whether to book a taxi to take us to the airport or drive there in my own car and stick it in the car park for a week.  You think you've spent all you need too when you book at the travel agents, but suddenly hidden costs mount up. Daniel is shitting himself. He can't afford and is struggling to get the cash together. I suspect i'm gonna be paying more for this holiday than he is.


naturgesetz said...

In a town the size of Halifax, there must be one or two gay guys. But until you stumble on their pub, I guess you're wise not to flaunt anything.

Here it costs about $24 per day to park at the airport, and about $50 each way (plus tip) to take the taxi. So basically, if a trip will be more than 4 days, I take the taxi, but for less, I drive to the airport. I expect you can inquire or check costs on the internet.

My hypothesis is that some sexual activity was hastily abandoned when the participants became aware of someone approaching.

Sometimes I'll see garments in the playground near my house, but they're usually outer garments, and I surmise that people took them off for a game and then just forgot about them when the game was over. You know how irresponsible teenagers can be. LOL

naturgesetz said...

"My hypothesis" is regarding the abandoned underpants.

Kemptoo said...

I would say the taxi will be cheaper than parking your car at the airport. Better still, can't you ask someone to drop you guys off & pick you up when you come back, cost is zero or petrol to fetch & carry. Make sure the airport tax is included in the ticket price, otherwise you will have another hidden cost.

You do find the oddest things walking around your parts. That doesn't sound right.... although exploring your parts might be something, just don't loose any material components :) Um.. when you go out which head do you change?

Oh, if you're going to examine any of those people at work don't forget your surgical gloves. They did teach you how to practise your skills safely did they not? Mind you, from the sounds of what you have to look at you'll need also some protective headgear as well. Maybe one for each head :)

Jason Shaw said...

I bet a taxi or transport would be way cheaper than buning it in the car park at the airport.

As for pants in the road, what a joy, if they are Gnoch, aussiebums or ck's you can bet there is gay life near you, if they were suzzy old jockey yfronts then not much hope. I guess they could have blown off someones washing line.....