Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Some people have no sense of Humour

Been busy the last couple of days so i didn't have much time to blog.
I went on that First Aid course.  A full 60 minutes worth of training stretched out to 8 hours.ZZZzzzzz. It was like going back to school again. I forgot how boring it can be. Someone told me that it could be a good laugh, depending on the others on the course with me. 

Unfortunately the others with me (all total strangers) were not the laughing kind and i seemed to have found myself in a crowd of the shyest people i have ever known.

I'm not exactly the life and sound of the party myself with strangers, but no matter how much i tried to talk to some of them the conversation always hit a brick wall and we would sit there in silence for a bit whilst i desperately tried to think of something else to say. 
At one point 12 of us sat around a table eating our lunch without acknowledging each other. It was like being in a library. In the end i was laughing to myself because all you could hear was sipping tea, chewing sounds and swallowing of food. LOL.

As i looked around the table 5 of them were looking intensely at their mobile phones and the rest seemed to be transfixed on some sort of speck of dust on various parts of the wall or ceiling. God forbid we make eye contact with each other.

I even tried bringing up the subject of the weather but all i got back was "yes it is, isn't it..." and then back to silence again.
"Did anyone see the Royal Wedding ?"
Yeah. bits of it. (and back to silence)
Bloody hell, i thought, help me out here, I can't do it on my own. I felt like shouting out "has anyone ever sucked on a cock?"

During the course the guy started coming up with stupid Mnemonic words to remind us what we should do.
SEEP....Sit, Examine, Elevate, Pressure. That sort of thing. Then he came up with AVPU which sounded a bit too much like 'Have a poo' to me, so i laughed out loud and looked round the room. No one else laughed and looked at me as if i had just had a poo, right in the middle of the friggin' room.

I know my humour can be childish at times but fuck me. It's not as if I wasn't listening to what he was saying and i wasn't mucking about. But you must at least raise a little titter when two men are demonstrating the heimlich maneuver. It's comman knowledge that It just looks like they are bumming each other LOL.
But no !. there were no 12 year olds with me so i was on my own with that one as well.
This was a very serious lesson and i should have known better.

But seriously, I know of a better way to dislodge a blockage than the heimlich maneuver So we didn't need to bother with that bit.


drew said...

We've all been there. It's called the dance of the living dead. I, like you, am not the life of the party but damn.. I think a big fart might have done the trick!! ;-)

naturgesetz said...

Ah, the world-famous British reserve!

LOL at asking if anyone had sucked cock. I can imagine replies comparable to the wedding question. "Once or twice." "Too busy." "Yes." "No." And then more silence.

TanmanC said...

sad that you had to experience that. I wonder if your instructor would have thought dislodging something with a penis would work... lol

TanmanC from
Have a wonderful afternoon!

Moderate Fundamentalist said...

That's great! Suddenly I see jury duty and tax lectures in a whole new light.