Monday, 2 May 2011

Us Lot

This morning I woke to the news that Osama Bin Laden is dead. (Which should help my mum because she keeps getting him mixed up with President Obama).

He was living in a big posh house in Pakistan somewhere. What a surprise. The news was announced in a speech live on TV by the President. and i saw a bit of it. When he speaks he always sounds like he's fronting a business meeting. I don't expect him to throw in a couple of jokes or laugh out loud but he never seems to show any emotion when he's talking. Hardly Triumphant stuff.

But there was no such thing coming from the rest of America, There was dancing in the streets with mobs chanting USA! USA !, as they do. But it just makes me feel even less safe now. Those buggers will be all out for retaliation just you watch.
Some of the news coverage was a bit weird "Breaking News- Osama Bin Laden was shot in the left eye".
But my personal favourite was a tweet from singer Lilly Allen. "I know that Osama Bin Laden is dead, but if we could all stop for a minute to consider todays REAL news I'd very much appreciate it....It's my Birthday, i'm 26"

I hope my holiday is nowhere near that region anyway.  Scary times.
We will know more about our holiday tomorrow  because i've been told to ring my Aunt in the afternoon and she will come up with a couple of suggestions for us. Daniel told me to say yes to anywhere. He dosn't care where it is and will leave it up to me. Which means if it turns out to be crap it's my fault.

I went to Daniels again from a bit and they had some family around. I got chatting to an old bloke who turned out to be his Grandmas "man friend" and he told me he was 80 this year. He was getting more and more drunk as time went on and nearly fell off his chair twice. He blamed it on vertigo but i suspect it was the 2nd glass of wine he had drunk in 20 minutes that did it. As time went on his language got more and more fruity. It went from 'Fucking' this to 'fucking' that and eventually the odd C**t shot out. But when Daniels Gran came over he stopped. Then, when she wandered off again he would look around like a spy checking that no one was listening and start swearing again.

Suddenly he said to me "are you one of Daniels Queer Friends then ?" Daniels mum Chastised him for saying it but he apologised and said it again using the Gay word in place of Queer.
I wasn't offended, He meant nothing by it. He was only asking after all. He told me he knew a queer when he was in the army during the war. "he was a nice enough bloke really" he said.
In the end i was pissing myself laughing because he was sort of insulting me with every sentence without realising it. He thought he was being nice to me but it was all coming out wrong.
"i don't know what all the fuss is about" he said "you lot don't do anybody any harm do you?"
No, us lot don't do we ?.


Vilges Suola said...

'You lot'. Some straights seem to think we all know each other and have the same tastes and aspirations, involving taking over the world and forcing everybody to be atheists, wear Prada and do bench presses. It's as dumb as lumping together all the world's coffee drinkers

naturgesetz said...

I hope your holiday turns out to be great.

Sounds like a nice time at Daniel's — really funny with Grandma's gay-friendly friend.

I underdstand why people were so happy that bin Laden is dead, but my reaction is more subdued. In the first place, in terms of earthly justice, he had it coming to him after 9/11. Also, he was still the head and mastermind of an organization that plots and carries out terrorist attacks, so it was a worthwhile piece of self defense. And despite some predictable anger as a result of this — on the part of people who were already in his camp — I think the net effect is to make us in the West safer. Finally, as a Christian, I feel impelled to hope that he has found a merciful judgment from God.

word verification: blessess — why is that last "s" there?

Writer said...

"you lot" - LOL

The news last night was very surreal: waiting to hear the president speak and seeing the headlines appear at the body of the screen - as though somehow the president speaking is on par with Mariah Carey having twins!

Anonymous said...

You're right, typical seppo ignorant over-reaction.

Fairly ironic as in Saturday's Daily Heil there was an article detailing how he had twice walked through Amerikan lines when they were hunting him..

It's just like cutting the head off the hydra, more will spring up to replace him.
And they will be out to prove themselves, so expect a bit more carnage than usual.

I have an aversion to state sponsored murder of any shade.
I know, me a bleeding heart liberal with my weird belief in the rule of law.

drew said...

At least we kept at it until the job was done. If it was reversed they would have beheaded the guy and burned his body in front of the cameras. Remember Richard Pearl. He was a reporter who was captured a few years ago. They beheaded him on video. We are dealing with animals. They have pledged to kill all the infidels. They had hoped there was 50,000 instead of the 3,000 killed in the towers which was horrifying enough.. How quickly we forget... I think people need a reality check on what is really at stake here.

Not trying to be too emotional but my nieces fiance who was a member of Seal Team 6 who did this Op. died over there last August. God rest his soul.

Mambam said...

I hate Coffee drinkers, Bunch of weirdos. It's not normal. They should lock them all up. It's Tea all the way for me.

If only everyone in the world thought like you we might not have all these wars.


"Mariah Carey having twins" Lol


I'm trying to imagine how i would feel if i had a loved one in the world trade center.
I don't think i would have been chanting anything but i would certainly be happy he was dead.


I agree. We are fighting people we can't reason with. Or should that read.. other people are fighting on our behalf... Soldiers do the fighting, i'm just sat at home watching Britains got talent. When someone comes up with a better option i don't see what else we can do.

I just don't really like gloating that's all. If they hung a mass murderer i wouldn't attend a party afterwards.

drew said...

I understand your opinion. Do you think your country would act any differently if it had happened to them? I think it is just relief to many that he is not out plotting anymore deadly attacks. Others might take his place but we did what we set out to do. I am not for gloating myself but I did feel satisfaction with his death.