Sunday, 1 May 2011

Gay or Not ?

Had a massive hangover on Saturday. I went to have my haircut in the afternoon and almost fell asleep in the chair. Which was a bit scary because all the people who work in this hairdressers have hairstyles that make them look like aliens. I think they practice on each other and experiment with styles. None of which look good. Why to hairdresses have the worst haircuts in the world?

Anyway i was glad to get out of there in the end i was feeling sick. Ohh the dreaded swill.
It didn't stop me going out again last night and after the first drink i was feeling a lot better ;-)).  I feel like shit again now though. :-(( LOL. Never again !. Until next week.

I went to Daniels today. The weather was brilliant again and his dad had his shirt off. He has the biggest man boobs i've ever seen on a man and i'm always transfixed when he gets them out. I wouldn't mind but he's not really that fat. It's just all on his tits. The fat sort of hangs under his arms. His mum was taking the piss out of his hairy back as well. She said it started just above his bum when he was in his 20s and sort of spread all over his back and shoulders. Daniel was mortified when i suggested that that's what he has to look forward to when he gets older. So we are now going the gym again next week and i've promised to help him shave his back if it ever starts to happen. LOL. I look at my dad sometimes and think the same though. He's not hairy but i don't wanna look like that when i'm his age. 

I saw a bit of Britain's got talent this morning. There was a little lad on who was about 12. He was very talented and sang really well. I know this is wrong to say about a 12 year old but my gaydar bell was ringing rather heavily if you know what i mean. And i smiled to myself.  If he doesn't grow up to be gay i would be very surprised let's just put it that way.

Later on whilst i was flicking through U tube i came across a clip of him singing again and made the fatal mistake of reading the comments. It made my blood boil. It seems that lots of other people thought the same as me but quite a few were homophobic arseholes. I wanted to find out where they lived and kick their fucking heads in. Bastards!.

Saying that, he's only 12 so i'm just as bad as they are, sticking a label on the poor kid. Why did i even refer to it?.

You forget don't you ?, Life carries on as normal, then all of a sudden something homophobic comes into view and you suddenly realise the world hasn't changed much has it ?. Things may have changed for me since i was younger and coming out. I'm a little less tolerant or shy of someone having a go at me nowadays for starters. Maybe that's why i don't get it as much as i used to?. But it's still there isn't it? 
Anyway judge for yourself.

or look up Ronan Parke.

Now, time to get in the garden again, the sun is still out and i'm gonna do a bit of nude sunbathing.
As if.


Mind Of Mine said...

The fact is the kid really needs to get used to it. Sounds terrible I know,but it is what it is.

Cute Dead Boys said...

Could you post a picture of that nude sunbathing you are doing......

drew said...

It is sad that it is the fact about how gays are treated. I just hate the fact that they are that brutal to such young kids. Concerning Daniels dad, if women were visual like men the fugly ones wouldn't be married. They need help too!!

drew said...

I clicked on the link after my post. That kid has a lot of talent. I wish him good luck!!

naturgesetz said...

Ronan Parke's got talent. I'm not sure if I'd have thought "gay" if you hadn't suggested it. The main things that seemed gay were the neckwear and the shirt, but you could blame the parents or coach for those.

Yay for nude sunbathing! Lucky you to have a place where you can do it.