Thursday, 28 April 2011

A day in bed or in front of the telly ?

It’s the Royal Wedding tomorrow so I’m having the day off work. I’m not really interested in it to be honest, but any excuse to get out of work for the day I suppose.

If you watch the news you might imagine the whole of Britain is gripped with Wedding fever. But I don’t see it much around here. We’ll watch bits of it on the telly I think but I can’t see a party taking place down my street.

Like every other major event in this country people will be watching it on the BBC so I’m surprised any of the other channels bother at all. If the other side stuck a good film on i'm sure the viewing figures would be a lot higher than they imagine they would be. Who watches stuff like this on ITV anyway ?. Either way it’s gonna be wall to wall coverage so we have no choice.

B&Q are offering 15% off everything the same day and it’s gonna piss it down as well so I might just have a sleep in. (bah humbug)

I am being sent on a first aid course next week from work, which should be fun. No-one else is going in the company, just me. I should have gone a while back but it was canceled and rescheduled. I’ve no idea what this all entails but they need someone to be the designated emergency first aider in the office. And I’ve been designated.

Anyway nurse Mambam will be available for appointments from next week onwards, Just pop your cloths on the chair and stick your legs in the air. I’ll slap on my rubber gloves and do an internal investigation.
If your good looking I may test my kiss of life skills as well. I wonder if I’ll get a uniform and a badge ?. LOL.

I've just thought. I might just celebrate the Royal Wedding tomorrow night after all. It's friday and that means it's the weeeeeeekkkkeeeeennnddd!!!.


naturgesetz said...

Have one for me. That will give me room to have one for you, and neither of us any the worse for wear.


And don't do anything I wouldn't do.

Mind Of Mine said...

We are out tonight in Manchester for his stag night!

drew said...

Hope you enjoy your long weekend, Dr. Mambam.. I would start adding Dr. before your name after the course.. ;-)

Kemptoo said...

Just think you might have to give mouth to mouth resuscitation to a co-worker after this. Hope the co-workers are passable. That reminds me, what happened to the young guy that was working with you? You could use him to practice your new found skills on & make it an official emergency practice run. After all practice makes perfect :)

The glue story.. good one. So now does the phone holder have a piece of tile stuck to it? I know, why don't you complete the look. You can be the first to have a mosaic phone holder. Could become a new fashion craze :)

Daniels story sounds something like he would do & just changed the the persona to protect the

Good to see the spirits are up again, the "weeeeeeekkkkeeeeennnddd" story is back again. Enjoy.

Vilges Suola said...

You never know, you might get into this .