Thursday, 16 June 2011

Back Home

Well i'm home now and we all know how bloody depressing that is after a lovely holiday. Especially when it was one you enjoyed. In fact i didn't realise how much i enjoyed it till i got up this morning and looked outta the window.
How is my dad?, back to work on Monday, i've no milk left, need to go to the supermarket, no one cooking for me anymore, the grass needs cutting..etc.
And my bank account is empty as well. Back to life, back to reality.

I've been looking through my holiday snaps. Hardly any have me or Daniel in them. It's nearly all scenery. We both dodge each other when taking pictures. I hate looking at myself. But that just leaves lots of scenery and arty farty snaps that don't really have the same impact afterwards. What was once a breathtaking scenic view now just looks like a flat picture on a computer screen. it's just not the same is it?. I wished i dared whip my camera out and take as many as i wanted too of images i wanted to really keep.  I was reading a book by the pool that mentioned 'Cocteau's cocktail parties'. "they say that Jean Cocteau, to amuse his friends, could lie back knacked on a table and bring himself to full ejaculatory orgasm without touching himself, through the power of imaginative thought alone".
Well, i can tell you, there were times sitting around that pool when i could have done the same. Sitting around half naked people does that for you.
There are some pictures of us in the hundreds i did take, but not as many as i thought. I'll post some this week (not of us, i've told you before, if you wanna blog properly don't tell the world who you are).
But amongst them there are the odd ones of fellas i saw and fancied and dared take  :-) Trying to get Daniel to stand in the foreground whilst i was really trying to get one of some fit fucker in the background. LOL.
In fact it became a bit of a catch phrase during our holiday. Whenever anyone took a picture the other one said "was that a real one or just a background shot?"
It will make a change to post pictures with my blog that i took myself i suppose rather than nicked of the net. They may be tame in comparison but it'll give me a little sigh of...i wish...

Before i left i unplugged the  telly recorder by mistake. So i've missed a weeks worth of telly. But then again, did it matter?. No is the answer.


drew said...

Glad you and Daniel enjoyed yourself. I am sure the time off has been a good stress reducer. Now back to the grind!!

Mind Of Mine said...

Glad you two had fun. I remember you blogged about Daniel having finance issues for the trip, how did he sort them out?

Also,how much sex did you have on the trip, just curious lol

B. said...

Hahahahah, I have same shorts as the guy in that picture at the end, but mine is green, not brown :)