Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Shiver me timbers, I'm back blogging.
I almost deleted you, but thought better of it. Not that i have anything to say, but hey, it fills a few moments i have spare. 
So lets get back to talking bollocks shall we?. Diary or diarrhea ?

Things are settling down at work (touch wood). I neither hate it or love it. I'm treading water and i know it.

If you asked me how the business was doing a couple of months ago i would say it was struggling. We were holding cheques back and not paying our suppliers unless they rang and asked for it. I couldn't understand why because the bank account (that i have access to) showed at least £150,000 in credit.
But i have learned today that the boss is trying to dump his overdraft facility so that he can go tell his bank manager to fuck off. How satisfying would that be?. Apparently he's renegotiating terms and they want to charge us more as well as getting more collateral to cover.
It explains why this bank manager has been visiting so often recently. I met him a couple of times. He looked like a spiv. about 27, smart suite, shiny shoes and a gob that oozed double glazing salesman. Just as you imagine they all are.

Went for a walk with Daniel the other day. I know that may sound a shocking statement. And i'll be honest it's not something i do ofter with him. But it's the middle of November, the weather has been fairly nice, we both need to keep fit and someone told us that there is a cruising/dogging area not far away from where i live.LOL.
Not that we were going to do anything, but we thought we'd have a look for a laugh. 
It started raining and there was bugger all going on . But we passed a couple of hikers so pretended we were out for a nice healthy walk as well. I asked them how long it would take to walk round the lake and the fella said 'probably about an hour'.
Daniel (the nob) replied "we don't have that much time, we'll just walk half way and then come back"

This weekend i'm supposed to be driving the family to a surprise birthday party for a relative. He's 65 and lives in Northampton somewhere
How the hell did i get roped into that? 


drew said...

Great to hear from you. Missed your posts. Banks.. They have basically ruined the US. Gave loans to anyone who was breathing before and now they want your left nut and that is if you put 30% down. PRICKS!!
You have to love Daniel!!

naturgesetz said...

Go half way and turn back! LOL

I'm glad to hear that life seems to be going reasonably well.

Northampton looks like a bit of a hike from where you are. I hope there are decent motorways.

Mambam said...


Hello again. Nuts and Pricks, Now you're talking my language. ;-)


Hello to you again. Hope you are well toooo
Our motorways are nothing like the ones in the US.
Sigh... This time last year ;-(

drew said...

Can I ask you a personal question? How is your Mom doing? I lost both my parents now and I can understand the pain you and your family have endured. Not trying to pry..

Mambam said...


Thanks for asking, she seems ok at the moment. Lots of family and friends at hand so she's keeping busy. Every now and then it hits home and we ain't looking forward to Christmas but she's doing well.