Thursday, 24 November 2011

Sausages Mmmmm

I've noticed that most of my twitter followings are of accounts with the name 'gay' in it. I've obviously just clicked and followed anything to do with gaydom, which in turn has got me followers who are gay and suggested other tweeters who are gay and so on.
My facebook account on the other hand is private and i reject and block anyone i don't know personally.
It's interesting how some people see tweeting as broadcasting and facebook as following friends and family.

On the other hand i know someone who has Asda amongst his many facebook friends and i've just seen an advert that says you can follow Jimmy Dean Sausages on facebook.
How sad would you have to be to have Jimmy Dean Sausages as a facebook friend?.

I've got one of those old apple I-Phones. You know the ones, they look nice and are great for the internet, email, games, music etc. But they seemed to have forgotten to add the Phone facility to this particular version of the  I-PHONE and it is forever cutting out.
I was talking to my mother today and as usual the bugger just cut off in the middle of our conversation.
Sadly my mother never noticed and apparently kept on chatting happily at the other end for ages. It just went silent to her and she had no idea i had gone.

Gym Tonight.....I think.....I don't know yet.
It's always a bad idea to come home first. Once i'm here i can't be arsed to go back out again. You should just go straight from work and get it over with. But that's what everyone else does and it's packed to the rafters with people fighting over machines.
By half 7 it's dying down and if i went at 9.30pm i could get on anything i liked.
Saying that, the changing rooms are much more interesting places when it's full than when they're empty.
I saw a guy in there with the hairiest back i have ever seen last week. You could have shaved it off and made a wig for a 80s rock star out of it.
How pissed off must he feel though that he can grow hair like that on his shoulders and back but the top of his head was like a bowling ball. God was definitely taking the piss on that day of creation.
How often do you see hairy bald men? All the bloody time. Taking the piss, definitely.

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Kemptoo said...

Hey there, this post is like you were never gone. Does that mean..... or is this just a Christmas special :)

I do agree that guys that are more endowed in the hair department seem to be lacking on the noggin. Some hair is ok, but when it gets to overflow to the back then no. They say that bald guys are better in the sack, but who wants to sleep with a bloody monkey.

(small print) Please no offence intended to any readers :)

Good to hear from you.
Stay well.