Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Christmas Past

Home from my mums for the night tonight then back to Mancs again tomorrow.

Need to check the burglars haven't been round and get a break for myself. I'm getting too attached to being on my own. Any more than a couple of days trapped with lots of people and i get the urge to run away. 

Had a shit Christmas, Not like Last year. Well no that's not true, I visited lots of relatives and had a nice time. But someone was missing. I just couldn't get excited about it all. It just wasn't the same.

One of my Aunties did her best on Christmas day and got us all together for a chin wag and drink. And it was nice to see everyone together again. But in the end it was like having sex without the orgasm. ( what a strange analogy !) I just couldn't enjoy it.

Got talking to one of my uncles about our trip to the US Last Christmas. He said he would like to go to America, it's a place he's always wanted to visit, but he has a criminal record. I was astonished because he's not that sort of bloke, so i asked him to tell me more. Apparently 25 YEARS AGO! He worked in a shop, the manager took £10 out of the till and they all had lunch on it.
He was 17 and owned up immediately when confronted by the police about missing money from the till. The owner noticed cash going missing. Even though this was his first (and only) run in with the police and he knew nothing of any previous missing cash he was arrested and given a fine and discharge.
Stupid thing to do. But how the fuck would Any US Border agency know about something he did in 1986?.

Telly has been crap again this year as well. All the big films were cartoons of the Toy Story ilk. The odd one now and then is good but we've now got a glut of them and i'm bored with it. Then (because this is the UK) we have the obligatory programs about shit. The top 100 shittest things of the year. The top 50 most annoying celebrities of the year. The greatest cock ups of the year etc etc. God forbid we ever have a program about the best things and people of 2011. There must have been something good happened surely ?.

Anyway now that Christmas is more or less over for another year i'm planning for New Years Eve. ;-)

Hope you all had a good one and a Happy New Year to anyone reading this.


naturgesetz said...

Good looking bloke in the photo, but IMO, the tat sorta spoils it. But if he stops there, it's not nearly so bad as if he has to get another and another. At least the chest is still unspoiled.

It's not surprising that Christmas wasn't all that great this year. I hope people at least talked about your dad. You must have done when you talked about the visit to the U.S.

Maybe they don't know about something 25 years ago, but if the ask and your uncle is honest, he'll tell them. IDK if there is some absolute rule or if they can apply some judgment to it. But if I were in your uncle's place, I'd talk to the people at the U.S. consulate and see if there is any possibility.

Someone in blogland linked the Queen's Christmas address. Dunno how you feel about HM, but I liked it.

Being on your own can be very easy to get used to if you've got the personality for it, which it seems both of us do. When I'm at a gathering, if it's people I like, I'll hang around, but when I'm alone I'm perfectly happy. You're lucky to have a good mate like Daniel to keep you from turning into a recluse. LOL

Happy New Year.

P.S. I just noticed the bit about Christmas being "more or less over." Is there still any idea and practice of there being the twelve days of Christmas? Hereabouts about the only thing is that some towns have bonfires of Christmas trees on Twelfth Night. But lots of people think Christmas is over on December 26.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Michael.

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a Happy New Year!! I hope 2012 is a better year for you and your Mom!

david said...

wishing you a happy new year! michael..

~ cheers..

Kemptoo said...

Happy New Year. The next has to be better than the last :)

drew said...

Hope you are feeling better!!

Anonymous said...

Just got round to reading your post-Christmas news. A friend of mine once said 'Christmas - like weekends - was made for couples' so not surprising it was a bit of a downer. New Year any better? Whatever, take care of yourself in 2012 and I hope it brings a least some of your dreams. Best wishes - PDdeR.

drew said...

Hope you are doing well!! Any chance of an update?
Take care.. said...

great blog from a great looking guy. At first i thought you were from manchester in america as you have a "too hot" look for mancs. stay sexy !!