Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas plans

Bit of a weird week this week. I'm Christmas shopping at every opportunity so hardly any time to post anything on here. As usual i've left it all to the last minute and i've no idea what to buy anyone. To make things worse there has been some discussion at work about certain people handing around presents & cards. For fuck sake, i've not bought anyone anything at work and i've not even considered getting them a card. They are just people i work with not my mates. Don't buy me anything and i wont waste my money on you either.
I've decided to get a box of cheap cards and stick them in my bag. If anyone gives me anything i'll write a card for them in the bog and hand it over afterwards.

Had a good night out Saturday. But it was packed everywhere. This means hours waiting to be served at the bar. Trying to catch a barman's eye whilst making sure no-one else pushes in is a bit of an art. It's like trying to get a stripper to whip his bollocks out. everyone seems to be waving ten pound notes in a come hither style. On the plus side you do get to rub your groin against the backside of anyone in front you may fancy, But the novelty wears off after a bit because they are so engrossed in catching some services as well that you're not even on the radar. I was behind a guy who had he tightest trousers i've ever seen. Not only did they cling to his butt cheeks, they seemed to disappear into his crack as well. He must have been wearing them since he was 10 years old and just grew into em, Because there is no way they were his size.

Daniel brought this guy home with him who looked really tidy. Then he took his shoes off and it sort killed the whole atmosphere. In fact i think it killed off some of the plants in the room as well. Bloody hell he needed more than oder eaters. He needed dipping in bleach and scrubbing with a wire brush. The look on Daniels face was a picture. I just sniggered and said goodnight. I left them to it. Whatever 'it' should be.

At lunch time today i saw a guy who only had one eye. As i looked at him he looked back at me so i thought it best to acknowledge him with a friendly "Hi!". Unfortunately it didn't come out like that and i just seemed to say "Eye!"
I walked away feeling my face starting to burn. where the bloody hell that came from i don't know.

I'm going to my mothers for Christmas, i thought it best to be with her as much as possible through Xmas to New Year. It'll be the first year without my dad so she's bound to feel it. But it seems like every other family member and friend has invited her to theirs for the next couple of weeks and she's accepted practically every ones invitation. I'm going over to keep her company and she's gonna be out most of the time!. There is no way i'm gonna have a boring day with some of that lot. Memories of my youth watching the New Year in on telly before everyone says goodnight and goes to bed at i minute after midnight come flooding back.

One of the women at work who was out on an errand rang the office yesterday to say she would be late back because she was trapped on a bus. During her journey the driver of the bus had had some sort of altercation with a car driver. It was something or nothing and when it was finished she thought nothing of it. But when the bus reached the Bus station and the driver got out of his cab, the same car appeared from nowhere and ran him over. Police and ambulance were on the scene and no-one was allowed off the bus because they were witnesses to the whole incident.
We bought our local paper tonight to read more about it. But there was no more than three lines about it in a corner of page 4 and that was that. It just said someone had been knocked over.
Local newspapers are shit for news sometimes. It's common knowledge that anything big happening locally won't appear for at least three days.


drew said...

I hope you and your Mom have a Merry Christmas! I am sure your Mom is very appreciative of your love and support.

naturgesetz said...

I guess everybody realizes that this Christmas will be especially hard for your mother. So it's good of you and everybody else to take care of her. If you do end up at some relly's place where you'd rather not be, just remember you're doing it for her, and it'll be another star in your crown. OTOH if she relieves you of duty some days, so much the better.

MadeInScotland said...

Well Mambam, I'm sure you'll remember absent friends at the table. Right you should. I still do and cry when I think of my GrandMa and she died over 25 years ago. This year we are making the best and I mean it because I never know if it might be the last - my mother survived the same cancer from 2 summers ago, on top of all her other illnesses. So, we are all family here in London this year at ours.

Merry Merry Mambam.


jason shaw said...

This comment is the warmest wish for a pleasant and an enjoyable time this Christmas, which we all know will be damn hard for you. Yet, you'll get through it and make the best of it, celebrate the life rather than the absence, if you can.

I love and hate crowded bars for the same reasons, although in my local bars, the pressing of bulge baskets against rear sausage stores is part of the mating dance and considered foreplay. So much so that I nearly married a rather Bieberish laddish lesbian on my last outing!

Anonymous said...

Merry xmas, Michael.

And a very happy new year.

Nik x