Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Dr Jeckle or Mrs Hyde

Had to buy a Carbon Monoxide detector tonight. I've had a few people suggest that my Gas fire isn't burning  correctly. The flame is a sort of Orange colour when it's supposed to be Blue apparently. But i've read up on it and there is no blackening of the elements or surrounds so i'm not sure there is anything wrong. I got the the vac out and gave everything a good clean and dust, Made sure the flu was clear and had a good ventilation and even lit some paper to make sure smoke goes up the chimney properly. But just to be certain i bought a detector.
As soon as i put the batteries in the bloody thing went off, i nearly shit myself running to open all the windows and doors to let out any invisible toxic fumes. It was like the fire alarm incident all over again.  But it suddenly went off again and a green light came on. I hadn't read the instructions. It's supposed to do that when it sets itself  up the first time you use it.
(Note to self. Read instructions first before turning new things on.)

Anyways, it's flashing green for ok now and everything seems to be ok. But i'm gonna have to get an expert out to look at it i think.

One of my bosses at work (A female) threw a real paddy this morning. I'm convinced she's mentally unstable. She's overly nice one minute but overly nasty the next. I've not been on the receiving end of the nasty side yet but i've had to witness it before.
Today though, she really did throw a proper childing tantrum, Stamping her feet, screaming at the top of her voice, banging her hands on the desk and swearing at her partner (my other boss) For what i could see was no reason whatsoever.

When she is in this mood she's like some paranoid schizo. Any sort of normal question you ask her is over analysed and translated into something critical. So a simple phrase like 'would you like me to file these invoices for you?' can be translated as a criticism of her ability to file things herself and a suggestion that she is so crap at it that you want to take things out of her hands and run the whole office instead of her because she is a useless piece of shit and you want her to die.
However, if you decide not to help and leave filing to her, this can be translated as - do it your fucking self you lazy bitch because i'm not helping you, all this work is for you to do not me. You can't win. And as much as that last bit might sound extreme, she really does think like that.

One day a collegue helping her with some figures she was trying to work out asked if she had a pen. But the way he said it must have been translated in her head as -Why haven't you got a pen?. So she replied with a scream "yes!!, i've got a fucking pen!, Do you think i'm a fucking idiot or something?.
When he replied he was only asking if she had one, She threw the pen at him and stormed off shouting 'here... have the fucking pen if you want it, i'll get my own bloody pen!!!'.  She then kicked a box across the room, slammed the photocopier top loader down and pushed the door open with such a force on her way out it left a hole in the wall where the handle caught it.
We were left looking at each other wondering what the hell that was all about. 10 Minutes later she was laughing and joking as if nothing had happened and turned back into a nice fun person who you can really get along with. It's weird.
Dr Jeckle and Mrs Hyde all rolled into one.
Her partner is a lovely bloke but she's the one in charge not him and you can tell he lives in terror of her, He tends to disappear when she's throwing a wobbler. Like a coward running away from a fight.
It's entertaining i suppose. But it's pathetic and embarrassing at the same time.


naturgesetz said...

Maybe the flame burns orange because it is set too high. Stuff getting into it would be another possibility. But I'm just thinking of what gives the occasional burst of orange on my stovetop burners.

Maybe the next time she turns into Mrs. Hyde you should ask her if she's off her meds. (If you want to start looking for another job.) Crazy bosses do make the workplace interesting, but unfortunately not fun.

drew said...

As a rule women are the worst bosses. They are known for their emotional issues. Ask anyone if they would rather work for a man or women and it would be overwhelming for the man. I own a business and employ only women and they love me...

david said...

female troubles... bloody hell.. pun.. intended..
what is it with you and alarms.. i mean jeepers... good thing you dont piss yourself when the alarm on your iphone goes off before work..

~ cheers..

Vilges Suola said...

In my entire working life I have worked exclusively for female managers, and with one loopy exception, they have all been paragons of reason, good humour, fairness and sanity - in several cases they acted as buffers between the teachers and totally whacko, megalomaniac MALE language school owners. Three of them are still good friends. Have I just been lucky for 35 years? I don't think so.

It's not a good time to be looking for greener pastures, Michael,I know, but in your situation I reckon I'd be on the look-out to escape that hysterical bitch.

Anonymous said...

it's called "borderline personality
disorder"... not really crazy, but
on the cusp and hard as blazes to treat

Mambam said...

My crazy boss doesn't make this workplace interesting.It's a nightmare.

True, not all women are like that, but when they are....


I wouldn't mind if my main alarm sounded like my i-phone alarm. Imagine a burglar alarm with a marimba sound ;-)

Advice taken, i'm looking


"it's called "borderline personality disorder"...

No it's called "Nutter" and it's really hard to put up with.