Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Hello again

I havent been blogging for a while. Lots of things have happened since i last posted here. there have been many changes in my life.
Amonst the boring changes are how i use a computer. I dont really turn mine on much any more, im a tablet and phone man now. Which means unless i can quickly and easily blog from one of those platforms im not doing it. So ive downloaded a couple of apps and im gonna attempt posting some things for a few days to see whether i can be arsed. Ill be honest its not filling me with much hope so far. 
It's not just the typing of words, it's being able to upload pictures easily without having to piss about with how the post looks. I found one great app only to find its discontinued. The developers packed it in and its no longer supported for a Ipad.
Since I stopped I've continued to write things down, I just stopped posting them here. This was more of a diary than a blog anyway so I've just continued writing a diary in a word document and stored it in a private folder. 
Any form of computerised diary is fraught with problems. The whole point to a diary is to keep it for future reference or reading. Nowadays computer formats change, apps come and go, something you type now might not be readable in 12 months time let alone 12 years if the bastards decide their not gonna continue supporting that format or expect you to pay money to upgrade to something else. On the other hand I don't thnk I can write anything by hand any more. If I wrote the above few words in handwriting with pen and paper I'd probably struggle to read it and my wrist would probably be aching  by now. Typing is much quicker and more fun. Writing by hand is so yesterday. Anyway, lets see how this looks.

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naturgesetz said...

Glad to see you back.