Monday, 29 June 2009

The First record i ever bought

Nothing happening today so i nearly didn't bother posting anything at all. After you read this you might wish i hadn't bothered.
I heard a few people lying on the radio that Thriller was the first record they ever bought . I say lying, because i just find it a coincidence that when someone dies, suddenly people come out of the woodwork as ardent fans, yet last week no one could give a shit.

Anyways what was the first record i ever bought ?. Actually i use the word 'record' very loosely because it was really a cassette single bought at Woolworths. LOL.
Oh the shame of it. I think i was about 9 or 10 and i remember it was the video rather than the music that turned me on... No i can't do it, i hate it when people diss their past. I confess, i loved the music as well, playing it constantly until one day the machine chewed it up. Our neighbours kids Emma and Kyle would come round and we would re enact the whole thing. I blush as i write this. It's as shameful a thing as anything else i have ever done in my life.
I can see that my fascination with the video might have been a prequel to future thoughts in life, but Peter Andre ?

Someone shoot me.


y78ilm said...

I'm trying to recall the first record I bought but I can't... however there are a few I'm not that proud of. The first (and probably worse) that comes in mind was an album by Rick Springfield.
I have NO freaking idea why I bought it, whenever I hear his music nowadays (which is not often thank God) it's truly horrible! I must have been out of my mind!! Oh well. You could shoot me too.

Mambam said...

I just had to google Rick Springfield,i have never heard of him.
He seems to have aged well.
I would ;-)

Eduardo Guize said...

Eternal - Before the rain. I bought it because I loved "I wanna be the only one" back then. I listened to it again after reading your post and oh God that's old and corny!!!

Congratulations for your blog, anyway. And your friend Rachel is "magnifique".

vilges suola said...

Re-enacting the whole thing with other kids, this, I think, is the mark of the true pouf. Were you a bossy producer? I was, a right little task mistress!

Mambam said...

Eternal LOL i had just a step from heaven ;-o and no i don't remember being strict vilges, i think it was Emma who was in charge, i was just the slave to her dance moves.