Saturday, 13 June 2009

Nothing happening

Daniel thinks I'm mad because i just spent the last half an hour on the net looking for the music to the new Ford Car Advert.

But that is all i have to do tonight. My blogging for today is on the verge of turning into a tweet.

I am looking round the room for inspiration, and apart from him watching telly and me sitting here in silence typing away there is nothing to say or do. After last weekends blow out we are both skint, and considering the job situation i think it might be best to start saving some money rather than piss it away down a toilet. Steve said that i would be best not saving anything, The DSS help out people who are skint, but if you have any savings your on your own. I wouldn't trust, or rely on them either way, i need to pay my own bills and if that means stopping in at the weekend then so be it.

There must be something entertaining we can do that doesn't cost anything.

Hang on a minute i have just remembered I was gonna pump Daniel for more information on what he thinks about Chris at the Gym so i think i shall tease him more about that for the rest of the night.

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Anonymous said...

Oh God! The harsh realities of life.

No point in getting down-hearted though - you may get a titter out of It's Getting Better - it's a bit of historic British gay humour.

I laugh till it hurts to think of my homophobic, authoritarian and thoroughly mixed up, pretentious and horrible man laughing like a drain when listening to Round the Horne with Julian and Sandy camping it up - because for all his pretensions, he hadn't got a clue what it was all really about!