Saturday, 22 August 2009

4.30am mindless drivvle

I am typing this at four thirty in the morning.

I feel ill and i'm not sure what it is. Maybe it is a bit of flu, i don't know. I don't have the cough and snotty nose thing, but everything else seems to be there. Tired, aching, upset stomach, headache, the lot.
But i can get up and sit at the computer so it's not really flu is it ?. If it were i would be bed ridden for sure. And if it's a cold, it's the only cold i have ever had where i don't need a hanky or a bottle of cough syrup.

It's weird sitting here at this time. The world seems to be asleep and it's really quiet outside. I can't even hear cars driving up and down the road. I just looked outside and saw a light go on in the upstairs window of the house across the road. a minute later it went off again, so i assume they got up for a piss and then went back to bed. That is how my mind is working at this time in the morning. I watched a daddy long legs trying to fly up the outside window when i put the kitchen light on. That's not really flying is it ? it just kept crashing into the glass and banging about. It must be pissed. For the past half hour i have done that going into a trance thing you do sometimes. staring at the fire and seemingly switching off. Like a zombie. I even lifted my hand up in front of my own face and waved it about a bit to tray and snap myself out of it. I'm sick of drinking tea. I make one, drink half and then leave it. There is a cobweb near the ceiling above the computer but no spider. Where the fuck is it ? has it gone away for the weekend ?. It will take a millisecond to swipe this cobweb down, but i can't be arsed, i'll do it in the morning or when i feel better.

I'm feeling cold now. Why do your nipples stand up when your cold ?. My feet are cold as well. I hate feet, if i were to put in order my favourite body parts in terms of sexiness, feet would come last. And a big turn off for me in porn films are men who strip completely, apart from their socks.
I have 6 remote controls in a row on the coffee table but i only use two and one of the others is for a CD player that i don't even have any more, why don't i just throw it a way. Perhaps i'll put it in my man draw with all the other electrical shit. I wonder what remote controls will be like in the future ?. Will we be able to turn the telly over by just thinking ? The future is like heaven, everyone keeps banging on about how brilliant it will be, but no one actually wants to go there just yet.

I Just saw a tv commercial for stuff to get rid of grey hair. why does the man with grey hair look like a man with brown hair who has just died bits grey ?
On the telly there is sixty minute makeover or star trek the next generation. Who's watching programs like this at 4.30 am on a Saturday morning ?. Me i suppose.
I'm hungry, but i'm not hungry if you know what i mean. I wanna go to bed, but i don't want to go to bed, I can't be bothered to get dressed and i'm sitting here in my pants but i think i should get dressed and then i think i want to go back to bed.
Nothing i do feels right.

I have cancelled Jack for this weekend, so that's ruined. But i have no food in the house because i usually do my supermarket shopping on a Saturday and i don't think i'll be up to going out today. I'll ask Daniel tomorrow if he will go for me.
I'm sick of moaning now, this post is turning into a moaning droaning feel sorry for yourself pile of crap.
I can't be arsed to finish it or spell check.

Post over. Bed beckons


Anonymous said...

Heh Mambam - Sorry to hear the state you're in. Could be flu, food poisoning, overwork, over-training at the gym, late nights, lack of sleep etc etc. You seem to be catching up on your sleep (but creative at 4.30 am!!!) so take care and get well soon. Keep us posted. Peter-D.

Pilgrim said...

I feel the same s/times early in the morning after a nite out. Sverything seems weird, mechanical, out of time and place. Then I make a coffee, eat a petit pain w/salami and sleep in like 2pm. Propz Pilgrim

Anonymous said...

hope you'll feel better as the days goes on.. You readers are thinking about you!!

Anonymous said...

considering you are ill that is my favoutire post so far. I hate feet LOL im with you on that one. get well soon. - kyle

Mambam said...

Thanks for your comments, nice to know someone cares ;-)