Friday, 21 August 2009

Sinking fast

What is the matter with me ?. i feel like crap today.
Of course everyone says it's swine flue. Any illness at the moment is swine flu. Got a headache ? Swine flu, Fell sick ?, Swine flu, can't go to the toilet ?, swine flu. Going bald ?, swine flu. Can't find your car keys, Swine flu.
Anyways i know it's not that, i just feel run down and sickly. No symptoms of any cold. I have cancelled going out tonight so it must be bad and i have even told Jack not to bother coming round either.
I'm taking the phone off the hook, downing some paracetamol and going to bed.


vilges suola said...

I feel like death warmed up too. Hope you get better soon, before the weekend's over.

Doomed But Cheerful! said...

Green tea and honey.
Echinacea from the health store.
Vitamin C (1000 mg) - get the fizzy ones, their fun!
Gargle with soluble aspirin, if you have a sore throat.
Eat some chicken and noodle soup.
Go to bed.

Some men just make me want to take care of them!

Get well soon =]

naturgesetz said...

Hardly surprising after all those nights you've been staying awake until dawn. Get some sleep! LOL

Fer said...

Uuugh, fucking swine flu, the whole damn country (Mexico) was closed for a month because of that, we couldn't even leave the house, looked like a ghost town you can only see in movies. Hate the swine flu, people from other countries stopped talking to me b/c they were scared of getting it through the INTERNET!! Hate that stuff.

Hope you feel better soon and is just because you're tired.