Thursday, 20 August 2009

Need Sleep

I've not been sleeping properly for the past few of nights.
I don't know why, i can usually put my head down and drift off into the land of nod fairly easily. But for some reason my mind has been too active and i'm running rubbish through my head. They seem to be arguments or things that wind me up so i'm all tense and hyper. I'm saying to myself 'enough now, switch off or change the subject', but this seems impossible. 2 seconds later i'm thinking of the same thing again.
I can lie awake all night like this until about 7am, then my mind decides to switch off and wants to go to sleep. Why ?.
This results in a day at work where i feel tired and long for my bed. I make a promise to myself that i will have an early night when i get home, but the same thing happens again. The more you think to yourself, GO TO SLEEP! the less chance there is for it to happen.
If i don't sleep properly soon it's ruin my weekend .


Anonymous said...

Do you exercise much? Sometimes that helps relax you. You need to examine what's bothering you. I will have one of those nights when I am working through an issue. I will move to eliminate that issue. Just offering ideas.

Larry Ohio said...

Lay off all caffeine, including pop, and when you are in bed have thoughts about doing something exhausting.

naturgesetz said...

Find something to think about that will put you to sleep. I've had several that work for me. One is composing an brief essay on a topic of interest (maybe a memo covering in detail a situation at work which is not bothering you — just a spontaneous memo for the boss; another is thinking about/deciding on everything I'll wear in the morning; and yet another is to figure what I would do with a fabulously large lottery jackpot — how much of it I could get in an immediate payout, how much of that would go for taxes, how much I'd give away to charities, how much to friends and family, how much I'd have left after all that, how much I'd spend right away, how much I'd have left to invest, what kind of yearly income that would produce, how many people I could hire to work in my household, how much I'd have left to live on — doing all the math in my head involving tax rates, return on investments etc.

Start thinking about stuff that doesn't matter.

Eating a heavy meal with a couple of glasses of wine right before you go to bed might help, too.