Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Credit Crunch

Credit crunch scary moment today. I noticed the VAT return for our company for the last quarter, I was filing it away with copies of all previous ones so i took the opportunity to take a sneak peak back at how we are doing.
Our Vat payment for this same quarter last year is down £ 60,000. Bloody hell, If everyone else is like this Gordon Brown is up the shitter. Worse still, it doesn't look good for our business either does it ?. Perhaps i should avoid being nosey in future, Rather be ignorant.

I am going to the gym after this with Daniel. But i have made the fatal mistake of coming home first. I can only do it if i am on my way home from work. Get it over with and then i am free for the rest of the night. If i come home first i feel hungry and want to eat, i then sit down and can't be bothered to go back out again.
Perhaps i'll just take it easy and be social tonight.

Had another e-mail from Dave tonight. More porn and about 12 joke mail messages that i can't be arsed to read so i just deleted them.
I don't mind Comedy e-mail but it has to be pictures. If it's lots of written stuff i lose interest fast.
I'm not sure Dave has the right idea though, some of the porn was hetero stuff. Not my bag mate.
Anyways he is in the area tomorrow and asked if i am interested in having a quick one (a drink that is). As long as he is paying i think i might spare him an hour or so. LOL


Anonymous said...

I'll be terribly unpopular for saying what I think but it's this:

the bloody banks should have been nationalised years ago

we wouldn't have had to pay such high interest rates when we had the boom and we wouldn't have had the bloody crash either!

There - I've said it!

Anonymous said...

Seems like you might be looking for another job soon. Worrying for you. (BTW sorry to hear about the cleaning co's stupid attitude).
Re your post about friends, I find they are the most important part of your life and it is rare to have 3 or 4 really good ones you can rely on 100%. You get back what you give out, so I am sure you will be okay.
Finally about the gym - I go jogging (used to go to a gym also) and find the only way is to fix a regular time every day or so, and stick to it. There are always a thousand reasons why you want to put it off....
Take care, Peter-D in the S of France.

Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

Sorry to hear about your company! I hope things perk up. I guess being nosey does have its benefits because now you can focus on 'looking elsewhere' just in case. Good luck with that and the gym!

Mambam said...

Ever thought of being a politician ?.

Peter D
You are right that there are always a thousand reasons not to go to the gym. The main one that gets me every time is the 'Can't be arsed' reason.

Jeve (aka John & Steve)
Thanks for that, perhaps i should be more nosey at work.
i might know what is going on in future.
I could even install a small camera in the gents toilets ?. Or is that taking things to far ?