Thursday, 6 August 2009

Daves Tart

Met Dave for a drink tonight after work. He had a woman with him !.

She seemed quite nice, but slightly slutty. Mutton dressed as lamb if you know what i mean. mid 40's perhaps ?. Anyway she was supposed to be a friend and that's all. I was just surprised to see her that's all.
We only had a couple of drinks and a bar meal, then i came home. He was just passing and wanted to say hello. I could do with this happening most nights on my way home from work because apart from getting a free drink or two he also paid for a meal as well.

I'm wondering who else i can meet after work tomorrow night.

He mentioned that he was going on Holiday next month to Canada and that Linda (the woman) was paying for it. Apparently she is retired and loaded. Jammy cow.
I know it's wrong, but instead of thinking she might have worked hard most of her life and run a successful business that is now paying dividends. My mind immediately assumed she had screwed some husband in a divorce or sold herself in her younger years. Harsh, but if you saw her you might know why i thought that.

When she went for a piss I asked him if she knew about him and what sort of relationship he was having with her. He said yes she did and that they were just friends that's all. It seems a bit strange to me.
And no, she wasn't a tranny (although i wouldn't have been surprised if she was), i asked that question as well. He told me she was divorced with three kids.

Her husband was loaded but the split after he ran off with another women. He was about to go into detail but she came back.
Talking about someone when they are away is ok, but when they return it's difficult not to seem like your just chatting normally about anything but them. She immediately twigged we had been talking about her and wanted to know what i wanted to know.

I felt a bit embarrassed really and i couldn't think of anything to ask so i blurted out 'So you know he's a puff then ?' Luckily the both pissed themselves laughing.
'Not completely' she said.

So what does that tell you about Dave ?. The plot thickens.


Anonymous said...

I've long had a theory born out of repeated evidence that the vast majority of us are bisexual and that it is society which pushes us to be straight or gay.

What do you think?

Olympus said...

Hey interesant blog! maybe u need more pics... but the text is interesant!

I create my personal blog with pics and vid... I hope u like it!

Mambam said...


I think that only we know inside ourselves what sexuality we are. I don’t know what it is like to be gay, bisexual or heterosexual. I only know me.
We are all different, but we all like to get together and be part of a club. Having some sort of label makes it easier for us to try and understand what is going on in other peoples heads. It just seems weird that we only seem to have three clubs.
Gay, Bisexual, Heterosexual.
But of the three, Bisexual seems to be the only one that doesn’t have a strict door policy. They will let anyone in and I’m willing to bet they have the biggest membership of all.

I agree, I need more pictures and will take your advice