Friday, 7 August 2009

I didn't know that

I have been informed tonight that Dave's lady friend from yesterday is the women he takes to swingers clubs.
He is bisexual and not only does he cruise the gay world, he also does the straight equivalent of cruising, which is swinging and dogging.
Jack told me and said that he had met her before himself.
What i am surprised at is that Jack has never told me any of this before. Not that i expected him to read me Dave's full life story when we met, but even if you just skim over the interesting bits, swinging and dogging would be in there somewhere, especially if he had already mentioned his gay orgies and cottaging side.
It's not important really, but i am curious as to why Jack didn't even mention it in passing that he knew about Dave's female friend. They go to clubs in Manchester and Sheffield as a couple, but they are more interested in other people than each other. When i see Jack this weekend i want the full story. It all sounds very interesting LOL.

Meeting Daniel tonight. Going to the Gym and them back to his place for something to eat, then we are having a night out together with no Jack for a change, it will be like the old days.
Clear the decks i feel a drinking session coming on.


vilges suola said...

Forgive my innocence, but what's 'dogging'?

Anonymous said...

Why should anyone mention it? I got roundly told off once for telling them someone they knew was gay.

"That's for them to tell me!"

And, really, until it doesn't matter anymore, I suppose it is. Maybe he felt the same way. But so what, really?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun.

naturgesetz said...

So now you have the answer to your question from Thursday.