Sunday, 21 March 2010

Come out come out wherever you are

Sunny day today, so out in the garden.
Sunbathing with a can of Larger ?. NO. Gardening with a bloody lawnmower.

Anyone know where i can buy a load of paving stones for nothing ?. This thing wants turning into a huge patio.
On the other hand i did break into a sweat so it makes up for not going to the gym. I'm just gonna have to consider it a work out that's all.

I didn't get any last night again. I came home alone, Unused condom in pocket and had to finish myself off.
I think the main problem is that i live in a town that seems baron of any visible gay life. I say visible, because the place must be full of them, they just keep their heads down, or bugger off to the city when they want a night out.

One of the down sides to going to straight places is that you never know who is straight and who is gay. A pink top means nothing nowadays and neither does a trendy haircut and false tan. Everyone looks gay from what i can tell.
Even talking slightly camp is no measure of the man.

My pet hate about the Village in Manchester has always been that it's now full of tourists coming to look at the queers. Women on hen nights or just because they want to have fun without being pestered by men.
Only to spend most of the night pestering the gays with a patronising "oh isn't is a shame, if only you weren't gay"
Fuck Off !!
The flip side to the coin is the truly gay club or pub. This then turns into a sleazy cruising joint where going to the loo is like entering an orgy.

Anyway i'm rambling now, i've forgotten the point to this post. I thinks its a bit macho round here. Time to get back to Manchester. At least you know what your getting.
Better the devil you know.


Anonymous said...

I'm at a loss, Obama. Why aren't you getting guys? You look fit as far as I can see, and you seem willing, interesting, and not too aggressive. Your posts are thoughtful and sometimes funny. Don't get it! Maybe it's the talc.

drew said...

use the internet to root them out... They are there but since there are not many outlets where are they to go. Get out your detective badge!!

Anonymous said...

I cant imagine why you dont get a guy, u r must just be the town...

happy gardening;)

Mambam said...

Gentlemen you are forgetting one thing.
I'm a fussy bugger. Even when i'm pissed i do tend to have some sort of standard.
If i didn't bother with quality control i could have someone in my bed in 10 minutes.
Maybe i'll write about my struggle with wanting a bloke and being over fussy sometimes.

Paul said...

That condom will have rotted by the time you use it! And why only one? I'd use several on you. (if only you weren't so fussy :(