Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Oh the shame of it

I have spent much of this morning pissing around with the computer at work. When technology goes wrong it's a pain in the backside.
But it was interesting to discover a folder full of pictures and video that the person who worked here before me had left behind.
Nothing filthy, just funny pictures and crap music, but amongst them were a couple of wedding photographs featuring the ugliest bride in the world.
I can understand why she wore white.. (Meow, sorry that was a bit bitchy wasn’t it?)
They were obviously relatives of this old staff member because someone pointed her out in the crowd.

My mother has a picture on her wall in the front room off the whole family, taken at my Aunties wedding years ago. In the middle at the front is little old me age about 4 or 5. I’m wearing a black suite complete with dickey bow tie and a white Rose in my lapel.
I look like a ventriloquists dummy and everyone who sees it pisses himself laughing.
What no one has ever seen is a follow up photo taken later on in the day when we got home. I’ve discarded the suite and am standing in my socks and undies but still have the dickey Bow tie around my neck.
I still shudder at the thought and if anything ever happens to my parents the first thing I will do before anything else is to find and burn this picture.

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Anonymous said...

oh come on, before u burn it you should give us all a look, I bet u were so cute;)

naturgesetz said...

That's not you in that car, is it?

And I'm with S. A.: you've got to show us the pic of little Mambam in his undies and bow tie. Actually, I also want to se the one with the black suit and white rose.