Friday, 31 December 2010

American tv

Watching tv over here you would imagine that all gay men are camp and spend their every waking hour verbally ripping the shit out of anyone in sight. None of them come across as being likeable at all. It's like watching a bully tease a small kid. You just wanna punch them in the face. Acid queens are big on American tv but they are just there to act like nasty opinionated jerks who "tell it like it is". it's no wonder there are so many homophobic people if this is what they are force fed, I'm sort of feeling it myself tonight after watching so much crap. It's so depressing the way people pull each other to bits.

They also do this strange thing where they have a big build up and introduce a presenter who isn't actually there.

"Abc news here tonight with Diana sawyer!!!" says the over dramatic voice over. But a man in a suite appears and a slightly less dramatic different voice quickly says "Diana is on holiday so here's Joe bloggs"

If Shes not here then it's not abc news with Diane sawyer then is it? Its abc news with joe bloggs So why mention her?.

By the way this blog is brought to you by elvis Presley (elvis couldn't make it tonight so mambam writes instead)

British people have terrible teeth. Luckily I was always taught to look after mine since I was a child but they don't shine like a pure White 1000 watt light bulb like some people do on tv.
I imagined most Americans would be like this for some reason but this is not true. Only on tv do people look like this. Everyday guys and gals just look normal and nice.

Shiny and glam news presenters are also big over here. Ours look like they are going to the office. Theirs look like they are going to the oscars. Women looking sexy as they tell you about another murder hunt and guys with hair that looks like a rug on top (even though it probably isn't) distracting you from what they are saying about the economy.

And there is a lot of 'uplight' going on, to hide the wrinkles I think. Judge judy looked like she had a 20th century fox search light shining up her nose this afternoon. Either that or she's had a face lift. Her mush was all washed out with light.

But the thing that stands out the most is opinion. Everyone has one.
Even the woman on the weather tells you what she thinks about it.
Why do they think I would want to know what they think about it?
Just tell me what happened and let me decide.

Time is running out and we go home soon but new year In the us will be fun. At the moment everywhere looks like it's gonna be too busy. We've been warned to avoid the parks on new years eve because they will be far to busy so tend to stop entry really early. This means you need to get in by early evening and then stay there until midnight.

Considering that we go home the next day and need to be up really early to leave the villa, check in our bags, fly for 8 hours and arrive home in time for it to be still early morning at home, no one fancies it.
Besides, could we face another day of mayhem?.


swscratch said...

Your killing me...I have to laugh at your descriptions of "things Americana". Hope your enjoying your holiday in the USA. don't take anything too seriously... You are in the Magic Kingdom after all...

david said...

yeah... american news is shit.. its not news.. its opinion... real journalism disappeared a long time ago.. well except for npr.... the pbs news hour is still good... back in the day, dire straights mocked the news presenters in their song "dirty laundry"... and as far as up lighting, its either that or theyre filmed through a wad of vaseline on the lens ala "moonlighting"... thanks for visiting... we appreciate you... america isnt exactly whats on the telly and in the movies... but were good people, mostly... happy new year dude...

~ cheers...

naturgesetz said...

I guess if they said, "ABC News with Joe Bloggs," that would suggest that Joe deserved mention on a par with Diane. So it always has to be "ABC News with Diane Sawyer" to make it clear to the viewer that Diane is the one they really want to see, and Joe is, at best, a barely adequate fill-in for the real thing.

Happy New Year!