Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy nude year

I spent the day in the villa alone today. Yesterday afternoon i was feeling so off and tired i went to bed and slept solid for 12 hours.

I know its not very social but i think ive seen everything i wanna see now. Im sick of charging around like a demented idiot. This afternoon we packed ready for tomorrow. I should be making the most of my time here but I'm sick of being with parents and family who wouldn't appreciate a trip to the nearest gay bar.

I sat by the pool with a book and my iPod and thought I'd have a nice rest so I could be fresh for tonight.

Then I heard music blasting out of the villa next door. Spanish or Mexican stuff. It was ok for a while but after about an hour it was getting on my tits. In this age of headphones I'll never understand why people play music so loud in the open that the world has to listen as well. What do they think they are a radio station?. I tried to get in the pool again but it was so cold I nearly died of hyperthermia before it reached my knees. It's not really a pool it's a pond. No one goes in it. It's also a bit to open to be able to strip completely. I can just about drop up pube level and no more.

The pool rules on a notice board says "no lifeguard on duty/swim at your own risk" which is a shame. But it also says "do not place foreign objects in the pool" so perhaps I shouldn't be in there anyway.

Watched a tv show called 1000 ways to die. No 746 was a guy who got so addicted to porn that he forgot to eat or drink, got so dehydrated that he collapsed and several boxes of porn tapes fell on top of him. He lay there unable to move and eventually died.
This was being broadcast at 2 in the afternoon.
obviously the moral of the story is to stack you porn safely and remember to have a sandwich and a cup of tea at hand when watching Debbie does Dallas.

The book I am reading is called an idiot abroad by Karl pilkington which seems to be a funnier more entertaining version of this blog.

Its been great having two weeks away from that bloody go compare advert and no snow.

Happy new year everyone have a great 2011.

And to everyone in the UK, happy vat increase.


naturgesetz said...

And a happy nude year to you too, Michael.

Or, as the beer lovers put it, hoppy new year.

Too bad you couldn't have some starkers time in the pool.

But I'm glad you didn't find this wonderful country of ours intolerable, and I hope you'll have a chance to visit again reasonable soon.

Have a safe and pleasant trip home.

naturgesetz said...

I mean "reasonably." Merely a typical error. I know the difference between an adjective and an adverb and have done since fourth grade in grammar school. Maybe even third.

Anonymous said...

That look just like the back yard of the villa we rented in Kissimee.

It must be a generic Yank design.

Happy new year.

Jason Shaw said...

Gosh, for a moment I thought we were going to get a naked view of you in the pool then - sadly not!

Happy new year to you, I hope it's gonna be a good one. Welcome back to Blighty too, rampant visits to the bars of the gay type will start again soon.

Oh and if there is any space, I'd love a big bag of kisses - the Hershey kind as I don't think physical Mambam kisses come in a bag?