Sunday, 2 January 2011

Home sweet Home

Late night New Years Eve, Early morning New Years Day to pack, out of the Villa by 10, wander around aimlessly in the baking sun through crowds of shoppers until flight in the late afternoon, check in, security, waiting waiting waiting, 8 hour flight, security again, bags, Taxi, finally back in the country 24 hours after getting up. Just in time to see the sun come up on a new day here in the UK.
I feel like a zombie, high as a kite and absolutely fucked.
Ive seen the last of the sun and want to go to bed for a week.


naturgesetz said...

Too bad the great weather had to wait until you were on your way home.

It occurred to me to ask if you had any english muffins while you were here, and if you did, how do ours compare with yours? LOL

Nice pic to remember us by :) — even if you didn't take it yourself :( .

Anonymous said...

Welcome back.

Post us a picture of your white bits.

Don't forget to wrap up warm when you go out, you will feel the cold.
Hope Daniel behaved himself.

I have quite a collection of the swimmer boy you have posted, he's unsurprisngly famous in certain circles.

Vilges Suola said...

Welcome home.

Re photo - fuck. I had forgotten it was possible to be that slim.

Mambam said...

I loved the holiday but was stuck with family. I'll be going to this country again, but this time alone and to somewhere completely different.
As Arnie would say
I'll be back....