Monday, 3 January 2011

Not looking forward to tomorrow

I still feel a bit knackered today. Can't seem to shake it off. One minute i'm ok, the next i wanna lie down and go to sleep all of a sudden.

I'll get back to answering all your comments at a later date, at the moment it's a struggle just to find time to blog. But i needed to add something tonight because tomorrow is the day of Rachels funeral.

It seems such a long time since i heard about it and i was so far away. I managed to put it out of my head and not dwell on it. But now i'm back and i've already had a call from her mum to make sure i'm gonna be there. I'm not looking forward to it at all.

If i'm honest i was hoping that i wouldn't be able to attend as i was away on holiday, but for some reason it's not happening until now.


Writer said...

I'm sorry how you are feeling. Hopefully you'll be better soon and maybe facing the funeral that you do not want to attend will help...somehow.


naturgesetz said...

In the long run, you'll feel better for having been able to attend than if you had had to miss it, I expect.

And of course by this time tomorrow, it will be over.


Jason Shaw said...

Hugs a plenty, but as the others say, you'll regret not going if you dont.

No one ever wants to go to a funeral, but afterwards, pretty much everyone is glad they did.

Loads of love to you.