Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Bone Dry

My mum asked me if i wanted one of those Kindle readers for Christmas. NO I BLOODY DON'T. I've seen one and they look crap. A bit cheap and plasticy.
An I-Pad would be nice though !. "to expensive" she said. Actually i prefer to read a book in book form. Hard back preferably, complete with paper smell and something to hold in your hand that feels nice (oo-er madam). But i do like the idea of an I-Pad reader for the Internet or newspapers or blogs. I'm sure i'd read more blogs if i had one, instead of just looking at the pictures and reading bits of text every now and then.

I decided to clear out my wallet today. I had no money in it, just lots of scraps of paper with numbers or addresses on them. (No, not those types of phone number & aaddresses ;-))
To be honest I had no idea what most of it was. There was a torn bit of notepad that said 8314 on it. What the fuck does that mean ?. It’s not a pin number or a code so what is it all about?
Then I found a crumpled up piece of paper written in the handwriting of a previous partner. It just said I Love You. eeeeuuuwwYuk!

He would write silly notes and slip them into the tea bags or (in this case) my wallet when I wasn’t looking. So i would come across them at a later date. I know I should have been thinking Ahh how nice, but for some reason I thought it was a bit over the top and too sickly sweet and creepy. I dumped him because he wanted a kiss in Tescos and we fell out because i wouldn't hold his hand in the street.

But i notice i kept the piece of paper that said i love you one it. Must have been something subconscious i suppose. Maybe i'll leave it lying around for a future boyfriend to find. If i ever get one. I haven't had a shag in weeks now. In fact, if i'm honest it's probably months. I'm not sure, i don't write the dates down. Maybe i've reached the point where i should do. It's starting to get further and further apart.
That's what you get when you stop drinking for a month i suppose. ;-)) (fussy)
When i'm drunk everyone looks like this.


Mind Of Mine said...

Everyone looks like this when you're drunk...


drew said...

You mentioned bedding a guy that so upset you it made you go on the wagon for the month of November, so it was in late October that you had your last SHAG!!

I'll keep you straight!!

Mambam said...

Mind of Mine

LOL...I think i mean Pretty ;-)


Thanks for reminding me. I'm not sure i wanna know. Ha!

naturgesetz said...

The real Michael continues to develop. YAY!

BTW I like the profile pic. But then I liked the former one too.