Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Been busy doing holiday stuff the past couple of days so no time to blog. Today i converted some UK Cash into American Monopoly Money.

It's all the same bloody size!. How the hell can you tell the difference if you're blind ?. It really does look like Monopoly money. Someone told me to get rid of the $50 note though. It's like trying to find someone who will take a £50 note here in the UK. Everyone is suspicious of them.

Saturday was interesting. I froze my bollocks off on a night out in Manchester. It was one of those nights where we didn’t stop in one place for very long. So walking from one pub or club to another was like coming out of an oven into a freezer and back again. Sometimes you’re constantly on the move on. Other weeks we find a nice spot and stay put. One of the guys we were with (Mark) wore glasses and kept steaming up whenever we went in anywhere. Or was that just an excuse not to go to the bar first ?.

I was back on the lash (drink) but for some reason I just wasn’t in the mood. When I got home I was practically sober. Daniel hasn’t paid up on his bet. I knew he wouldn’t. But it doesn’t matter. I shall keep reminding him he owes me…forever and a day. I stayed at my parents that night. Their house is nice and warm, even without the heating on. Mine is like a garden shed. It’s ok as long as you don’t turn a fire off. Because when you do it goes cold almost instantly. Either I’m short of some insulation or I have a poltergeist in residence.

I went to B&Q on Sunday to look at buying some more insulation. It costs a bloody fortune and there was hardly any left.
Scrub that one; I’ll just have to put a thicker jumper on.

I did the post at work today. Hundreds of bloody envelopes to open with nothing more than a knife.
At this time of the month most just contain monthly statements, but when it gets to December the whole system is clogged up with bleedin Christmas Cards. I can understand why people send cards to each other but why do businesses bother? No one reads them or takes any notice.

Don't expect a card from me this year. I won't be here.

And that includes Daniel Who will be house sitting. I'm not even gonna put the trimmings and tree up for him. LOL.


Anonymous said...

A blind person can read the amount of US currency by feeling the denomination with their fingers.

Mambam said...

thanks for that, but i bet at some point during this holiday i give a $10 note when i should have handed over $1

In the UK notes are different sizes and colours.

We are simple people and anything that will help in making sure i don't accidently slip a $50 down a strippers G String instead of a $1 is always welcome

Cash said...

You can prob put all your cash on to a pre-paid card when you get here, no need to carry that many bills around.

Mind Of Mine said...

I never knew that about the denomination been ridged so Blind people can tell.

drew said...

If you give the dancers a $50 instead of $1 I think they are going to chase you around town for your whole vacation... Maybe you can find yourself a cowboy ;-)

naturgesetz said...

Yeah, 50's aren't used very much. The only time people generally get them is if they're getting a bundle of cash at the bank, and 20's would make too thick a wad. But they can be convenient if you are spending more than $50 at one spot.

In my country, tradesmen sometimes send Christmas cards as a way of inviting a tip. Thus there was the cartoon 20 or so years ago in which a man was looking at a card he had just received. It read, "Merry Christmas from the boys at the garage. Second Notice."