Thursday, 2 December 2010

Real life

Went for a meal again tonight. I'm becoming a bit of a food critic gobshite lately.
Back to the booze again this weekend though, i've done my month without alcohol ;-) Can't wait.

Anyways this wasn't exactly a restaurant. In fact it was just a country pub with a carvery. And a shit one at that. I hate carverys. They are usually cold or warmed up veg with dodgy looking meat. And that's exactly what it was, crap. I'm glad i wasn't paying and it wasn't my idea to come to this place. Everyone around the table said it was shite and that they weren't ever gonna come back again. But then a waitress came over and asked if everything was ok. In unison everyone around the table said "Mmmm, yes lovely thanks". I pissed myself laughing. That's such a British thing to do.

I had a bath this morning before work. The shower in this house is a bit crap and it was cold, but the water that comes out of the tap is so hot you could brew tea with it. So i thought i'd have a nice warm 10 minute soak before work.
But when i had finished and pulled the plug out, Nothing. 
There was a blockage somewhere and no water moved. So i found a plunger and started pumping at the plughole. Black gunk came out but still no water seeped away. In the end i had to leave it because i was now late for work.
When i got home i spent 45 minutes trying to move cold bathwater before getting a little trickle through. after 25 minutes it emptied itself so i then found some plughole unblocker to clear the rest.

I know this doesn't sound interesting but i thought it would be quite funny to bore you with the story. I always imagine most of the followers to this blog being  people landing on my page hoping for some sort of story of a young gay guy living a sexy life telling of his sexual exploits and posting pictures of his cock. And you end up reading about me unblocking a plughole. LOL.
Sorry fellas, this is real life not fantasy.
Although i did most of this work naked with a dildo up my arse of course. ;-))


Mind Of Mine said...

Last line of this post FTW!!

drew said...

Michael, it is good to see you have a life like us.. and the shit going wrong that goes with it. I wanted to ask you what a carvery is? Never heard of it. The only problem with baths is washing my hair. I do love hot showers though.. I in agreement with Mind of Mine on the last line!! You would be quite the repairman!!

naturgesetz said...

Yeah. you can unclog my drains anytime — but no dildos, please. That sexualizes non-sexual nudity.

Did you get a snake to remove the clog, or some liguid drain cleaner, or just the plunger?

I'm reminded of the conversation I had at breakfast one morning in the B&B in Monaghan Town with the couple from Brighton. They wondered if I had found any good places for dinner. I mentioned one spot and said I found it quite adequate. The gentleman replied that when Americans say that, it means dreadful. (But you can't really expect five star dining in a town of 6,000.)

Anonymous said...


Cute Dead Boys said...

When you are doing work around your home, you need to post pics......I usually need a good visual to help me understand. Love hearing about your life, not different than most.

Jason Shaw said...

Mr Muscles Plug and Sing unblocker!

Hey, sometimes,life is just like that!

Have a great week. x

drew said...

If you can unfreeze yourself, start posting!! Is it as bad as they are reporting?