Friday, 14 January 2011

Sad story


drew said...

I feel for the whole family. I know the son is doing all he can to get through this and I am sure it is a shock to parents who don't have a clue. Hopefully, after the initial shock is over they carry on a a family. I feel for the son as he needs to be happy with his life and accept himself. If his family doesn't come along so be it.

Paul said...

Michael, It's even more sad that you're reading the Sun!

naturgesetz said...

Nice answer from Deirdre.

Word verification: cryon — I guess that's what the mother has been doing

Vilges Suola said...
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Vilges Suola said...

Uncle Steve says: Dear Mrs Potterer,

Think of all the news you could have heard about your lad:

'Mam, I've clocked up £250,000 on my crdit card.'

'I'm afraid it's terminal, Mrs Potterer.'

'Sit you down, love. It's your son. He was killed on the M62 this morning.'

Did you hear anything comparable? Did you chuff. He's the same son now as he was twenty seconds before he trusted you enough to tell you he was one of those men you claim to like anyway. So get over yourself, you daft cow.



Vilges Suola said...
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Jason Shaw said...

I like gay people, I just dont want my son to be one!

After 27 years I'm sure there were some signs that she just closed her eyes to!

And yes the sun? oh well.

david said...

moms.... funny that after all that time she didnt suspect, even a little... i mean, she likes gay people? wtf? all her hopes n dreams for grandchildren dashed by 4 simple words... mom, i am gay... i think she should be happy her son finally decided to come clean n come out.. some guys i know plan on staying closeted until their parents pass away... i cant imagine living a lie for that long and then dealing with remorse n regret of letting people die believing their child is someone that theyre not.... fail..

~ cheers...

Mr Lonely said...

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Mambam said...

I agree

I only buy it for the tits

I also agree, sometimes she gets it right.

as understanding as ever...Lol

It's not my paper. It's the ones i read in the canteen. We also have the Daily Mail. Now there's a paper to be really ashamed to be seen with!

She's probably just thinking of herself. No Grandkids.

Mr Lonely
Will do