Thursday, 13 January 2011

Where are all the pretty people ?

Because it's been a bit of a boring day with nothing interesting to report i thought i would look back at all my Holiday snaps.

I have taken Hundreds of them in crowded areas with lots of people about. At one point i was just snapping anything that moved. That's the beauty of digital cameras you can just delete stuff you don't want and they hold thousands per card so why not?.
Now i've seen other blogs where guys have taken their camera to the beach and clicked candid pictures of people sunbathing or snapped at someone sexy walking past. I think it's a brave thing to do, i know i wouldn't dare do it (although sometimes wished i had).

But what if i just took a picture of a crowd ?. There must be at least one or two that contain fit guys looking all sun tanned and sexy ?. Or just good looking blokes walking past. actually, not one. I know it's Disney and the weather wasn't brilliant but i can't even see an attractive face i like. What a disappointment !.

I'll keep looking and the first sight of a bit of totty and i'll post it. But it's like looking for a needle in a haystack. Hundreds of pictures, thousands of people and nothing to report. ;-(

Where was this guy when i needed him ?


Cash said...

You went to all the wrong spots haha. Unless you are in Miami, Palm Beach or other very similar beach towns, not much to see.

naturgesetz said...

If that guy had showed up when you needed him, your family would probably still be searching for you.

PSR said...

Most people are not pretty.

Sad but true.

Jason Shaw said...

If that woolley panted boy had shown up I'm guessing you'd still be in Florida!

Cute Dead Boys said...

That is one nice tight bum. The fabric clings the crack perfectly.