Friday, 23 June 2017

80s Pop or not

Went to see a friend of Roberts last night. She's in a band. They sound a bit 1980s with synthesisers and no guitars. It was all a bit crap really. It just reminded me of something you hear playing in the background on a old porn film. In fact it was slightly embarrassing to watch someone you know giving their all and it's not really working.

But we said they sounded great and congratulated them on their performance. I'm no Simon Cowell. It's their first gig and there were only family and friends there apart from the odd person coming in and then walking out when they heard what was going on. They performed 5 songs. Because they only had 5 songs. One of them was more of an instrumental with one of the other members wailing over the background. No lyrics, just wailing. At one point I though he'd been electricuted and needed help. But I think that was just the chorus.

Best of all they dressed up for it. Lots of makeup and what looked like bin bags fashioned into trousers and tops.

Afterwards we sat talking to her mum and having a long protracted conversation about how kids can text each other using two thumbs at 90 miles an hour. “I struggle doing it slowly with one finger” she said. Which left me biting my tong and Robert kicking me under the table. I had to go to the loo to control myself. Whilst I was there a drunk guy having a piss said ‘what was that shit they were playing?’

Her mums boyfriend is a bodybuilder. And we got talking to him for a while when I got back. Robert was practically shaking in his boots. He finds bodybuilders intimidating. I'm sure that without the cloths, prancing around in a tiny thing, he's all Muscle but when bodybuilders wear ordinary cloths and are covered up they just look fat. I once had a fiddle around with a guy who was a bodybuilder. It was weird, I felt like I was humping a brand new leather sofa. All hard and lumpy. He showed more veins in his arm than his cock.

Anyway it was a good night really. And as I was the designated driver I didn't drink so I feel great today.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know, maybe I'm reading in too much, but you both together remind me, just a little bit, that gentle and sensuous dynamics between the "London Spy" boyfriends, with you as "Danny" (Ben Whishaw) and Robert as "Alex" (Edward Holcroft)...

Thankfully, without any blood!