Thursday, 22 June 2017

Shower time

Every night when Robert gets home from work he brushes his teeth, has a shower, changes his cloths and then comes down for something to eat. He's like clockwork. 

It's quite nice really. And I'm not knocking it because he's got me into doing it as well. 

But last night the shower was broken so we couldn't use it. Bloody hell it was like taking heroin away from a drug addict, you'd think he was going cold turkey. He said he felt grubby all night and when we went to bed he didn't want be trying anything because he felt dirty and smelly. 

There's something not right with that man, we both work in an office all day it's not as if we had been working on a building site.

And beside All i wanted to do was fiddle with his dangly bits. I'd washed my hands before hand and could swill them off afterwards, job done. 


Anonymous said...

You both could have shared the bathtub, right?

Or, maybe, helped themselves with a hose in the backyard ...

Michael said...

It was a problem with the water pressure actually. It was only running fast enough to brush your teeth.
I suggested he got in the bath and I would piss on him but he wasn't into that lol. To be fair. Neither am I 😣