Wednesday, 21 June 2017


It seems like forever since i posted anything on this blog. In fact its a few years and since then im now in a "relationship". I still find it difficult to say that, in a relationship. I dont know why. Its nothing to do with being gay, its just that jump from being single to getting my head around being part of a couple. His name is Robert. Not Rob, he hates that. But if i really wanna upset him i'll call him Bob.

He's the most beautiful person ive ever met. Kind, caring, funny, a bit shy, trustworthy, A bit younger than me. Blonde, smooth, nice teeth, clean (slightly OCD to be honest) and a nice sized cock!.🤗

He crosses between inteligent and stupid. The type of guy who passed everything at school but struggles to understand a joke sometimes.

I think i decided he was the one for me when i realised it was his personality and how comfortable i felt with him that attracted me to him more than the fact that he's as fit as fuck. 

I wont go into the full story of how we met and how it developed but he was looking for somewhere to live and he stayed at my place for a couple of weeks. This ended up turning into being a paid lodger and then became a more permanent thing when he started sleeping in my bed more often than his own.

But since this has happened my life has changed as well. I dont really go on the scene any more. I stay in a lot. We do things together and im not looking over his shoulder at any sexy guy that might be standing behind him (another sign that ive fallen for him).

I drink less, Watch less porn, have sorted out my pension, bought a new car, have some shares and some savings. Im turning into a really boring old fart. Im turning into my dad.

I don't really have much contact with Daniel any more. In fact im not sure whether we've fallen out or not. He's living miles away with his partner and we just dont seem to keep in contact much nowadays. I think its more to do with his new boyfriend. I went to visit them once and it was very strained. I didnt really feel very welcome. I would send him emails and it took days for him to reply. He stopped going on facebook and the contact became less and less. A phone works from both ends and ive now reached the point where i think its his turn to contact me. Im sick of being the one to see how he is. I thought id wait until he contacts me.

He never has in months.





naturgesetz said...

Sad to see a friendship fade away, but sometimes it happens — nobody's fault.

But if you din't want to let it go just yet, I have two thoughts. 1.) Maybe he just procrastinates, meaning you've got to be the one who initiates contact. I've gut some friends like that. 2.) Maybe a visit by you and Robert would be less strained because Daniel's partner wouldn't fee so much the third wheel.

Anonymous said...

If somebody is crass as myself the real doubt only can be: does Robert continues to pay rent to you?

Michael said...

I've known Daniel a long time and I know that if I spoke to him he would say 'you know what I'm like, I'm crap at keeping I touch with people" but he'd also be the first one who'd complain if someone didn't keep in contact with him, that's the thing that annoys me, he forgets to send people birthday cards, but would get stroppy with anyone that didn't send him one,
Yes he does pay his rent. But whenever I consider an increase I allow him to pay it I. Kind 😊